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NAHBS New Brand: Thrive Cycles Thrives on Clean Lines

Darrel Williams, the man behind Thrive Cycles of Savanah, Missouri, is self-taught and has only been building for a year and half, but is already making waves with his simple, understated aesthetic.

NAHBS “New” Brand: Schnozola Do-It-All Bicycles

New brands generally don’t have Bruce Gordon of Bruce Gordon Cycles and Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles at the helm. But the duo is in fact the braintrust behind the seemingly oddly named Schnozola.

NAHBS News: DeSalvo Custom Cycles Shows Off Ti Gravel Racer, Cross Rig and Now Offers Complete Bikes

NAHBS Bike: Hunter Cycles Brings Road Plus to Custom Steel

Hunter Cycles had this 650b gravel bike at NAHBS and to say it drew a lot of attention is an understatement.

NAHBS Bike: Lov Bikes Combines Steel and Carbon to Make Eye-Popping Custom Rides

Lov, which stands for “love our valley,” has been in producing bikes for three years. They manufacture titanium and steel frames in-house, and amongst their small collection of colorful examples at NAHBS was a steel cross bike.

NAHBS News: Sim Works Brings Unique Bars, Stems and Other Products to Market

Shinya Tanaka has built a small empire with his Sim Works brand in Japan. He has 20 employees, and brought 12 of them to the States to see NAHBS, San Francisco, California, and the company’s Portland, Oregon offices. And now the company exports its products into the States.

NAHBS Bike: Appleman Bicycles’ Gravel Racer

In 2011, NAHBS was in Sacramento, California, and that’s where we met Matt Appleman who displayed a single cyclocross bike. Appleman, of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, has continued to refine his design and aesthetic over the years, as reflected in this gravel racer.

2016 NAHBS: Ritchey Logic Offers Complete Bikes and Throwback Paint

Ritchey Logic showed off great Heritage Paint schemes on a number of bikes at NAHBS and is now offering complete bikes as well as framesets.

NAHBS News: Calfee Goes on an Adventure, Knight Composites Starts Spinning and New Hubs from Industry Nine

NAHBS 2016 was full of new items. New innovations from Calfee Design, new wheel maker Knight Composites and new Centerlock hub offerings from Industry Nine, were among the eye-catching things we spotted.

NAHBS Bike: Matter Cycles’ WolfBeard Dirt-Road Bike Packs Versatility Into A Burly Package

As we walked the NAHBS floor it called to us. Sandwiched between a rowdy looking full suspension rig and a rotund fat bike sat Matter Cycles’ WolfBeard all-road bike.

2016 NAHBS: Moots One-Off Monster Cross, New Innovations and the Venerable Psychlo-X RSL

Moots is celebrating 35 years of building bikes. Not content to rest on their laurels, Moots introduced some innovative gravel bike ideas at NAHBS 2016 and showed off some of their best-known models.

NAHBS Bike: Dean’s Fully Custom Torreys Belt Drive Gravel Bike Is Built-To-Order In The Land Of Flatirons

Dean came to this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show with a handful of bikes, but the four, bright letters on the down tube were long gone. And their new The Torreys caught our eye.

NAHBS Highlights: A Selection of Parts and Personalities from the Show

Some more highlights from NAHBS 2016, including new parts from Paul Components and Chis King, as well as new offerings from Enduro Bearings.

NAHBS Bike: No.22 Introduces All-New Drifter All-Road/Gravel Bike

No.22 of Johnstown, New York, won the 2015 award for “Best Cyclocross Bike” with its Broken Arrow model. Since then, the company has been hard at work bringing the new Drifter all-road/gravel bike to market.

NAHBS Highlights, Day 2 – Philosophy Bicycle Co., Shamrock, Squid Bikes and More

We’ve already seen a number of great builds and new products from a host of builders and manufacturers at NAHBS 2016. As we continue our look through our photo files and show notes, we found a number of other interesting bikes to share with you.

Show Stoppers: The Latest from TRP Brakes, and TRP-Dressed Bikes at NAHBS

TRP Brakes was one of the companies stopping off at the 2016 North American Handmade Bicycle Show to unveil revamped products as well as new offerings, including new Hylex, HY/RD features and a new thru axle fork.

NAHBS Award Winner: Eriksen Takes Best Gravel Bike for 2016

Kent Eriksen Cycles has earned many accolades over the years and for 2016 Eriksen took home the award for Best Gravel Bike at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in Sacarmento, California.

New Gravel and CX Tires: Where the Rubber Meets the All Road – NAHBS 2016

There are a host of new products launched around NAHBS each year and the 2016 show is no different. Here we’re taking a look at some of the new tires on offer for the cyclocross, gravel and all-road crowd.

NAHBS Bike: Alliance Bicycles All Road Titanium Gravel Bike

Eric Rolf is the builder behind Alliance Bicycles out of Hailey, Idaho. The Alliance gravel bike we see here is a double butted titanium custom offering with some interesting features.

Afternoon Highlights from NAHBS, Day 1 – Sarto, Co-Motion, Alliance and More

Enjoy these highlights from yesterday afternoon at NAHBS in Sacramento, California, including bikes from Co-Motion, Low, Reeb, Alliance and more.

NAHBS Bike: McGovern Cycles Gold Country Carbon Cyclocross Bike

Chris McGovern, of McGovern Cycles, has built bikes for himself since 2011, building with steel, titanium and carbon as shown here on the carbon cross “Gold Country.”

Morning Highlights from NAHBS, Day 1 – Breadwinner, Eriksen, Majaco and more

We’re on the ground at NAHBS in Sacramento, California, checking out the latest from many of the country’s best artisan frame builders. Take a look at some of what we’ve seen thus far.

WTB to Launch Road Plus at NAHBS

WTB is unveiling a new 650b tire called the Horizon 650 x 47c Road Plus TCS at this weekend’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Referred to as “Road Plus” by WTB, the Horizon measures the same overall diameter as a 700 x 30mm road tire.

There Can Be “Only One”: Speedhound’s Do-It-All Frame – NAHBS 2015

Frame “Printer” Seeks to Revolutionize Cyclocross Manufacturing, Win at NAHBS 2016

James Barrymore wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of him. He has spent the last few years trying to keep his name hidden away …

Panaracer’s New Comet Hard Pack Tire Speaks Volumes for Gravel – NAHBS 2015

Last year at Interbike, our eagle eyes found an unmarked tire in the Panaracer / Panasonic booth at Interbike which we immediately recognized as a …

Designed for Untamed Mud: REPETE Cycles’ Grizzly Cyclocross Bike – NAHBS 2015

Everything Custom: Mosaic Cycles Cyclocross XT1, Singlespeed XS1 and Gravel GS1 Bikes – NAHBS 2015

Mosaic Bespoke Builders of Boulder Colorado descended onto NAHBS 2015 with their Gravel GS1 and Cyclocross XT1 and XS1 frames.

Bringing Small Details to Life: United Bicycle Institute’s “President’s Choice Award” Winning Gravel Bike – NAHBS 2015

Ron Sutphin, founder of the United Bicycle Institute in Oregon, brought a gravel frame to NAHBS 2015 with over 150 working hours put into it, and walked away with the President’s Choice Award. We walk through the bike with Sutphin.

Getting the Gravel On with Thru Axles: DeSalvo Custom Cycles Gravel Bikes – NAHBS 2015

At NAHBS 2015, DeSalvo Custom Cycles brought gravel bikes from Ashland, OR, which he called the fastest growing segment of his business three years ago. We take a closer look at the frames, which are equipped with the new TRP and ENVE thru axle forks.

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