Trebon takes the stairs, trying hard to stay with Nys. © Matthew Lasala / Lasala Images

Trebon takes the stairs, trying hard to stay with Nys. © Matthew Lasala / Lasala Images

After two laps of the Elite men’s race at Cross Vegas, two men were off the front: Sven Nys and Ryan Trebon. Trebon stayed with him until the final laps, when he lost contact and Jeremy Powers was able to pull into second place while Trebon faded back to fourth behind Geoff Kabush. We caught up with him afterwards to get his take on the race and find out what’s next for the Cannondale-CyclocrossWorld rider.

On race tactics… “My initial goal in the race was that I wanted to wait until the last two laps. Usually it’s pretty tactical, I figured we’d race hard, a big group, wait til the last two laps and really start attacking. It seemed like I had to go on the second lap, and it was fast!”

On hurting… “I don’t know what the hell they were doing! They started hard and Sven [Nys] just motored and I was like, ‘Well, all right, I’m going to go…’ and that was it. I had one effort. The rest of it was just suffering.”

On  staying with Nys… “It was like, I can ride this pace but I’m not going to make the hour. But what can you do? Sit up? So I just tried to stay on him. You’re chasing back and forget it. You can only do it a few times. I was pretty f*&*ed for the last few minutes of the race.”

On what’s next… “I leave for Madison tomorrow. My legs are going to be tired in the morning. Then Gloucester, Providence.”

On season goals… “I’m chasing the win. Hopefully I’ll get one pretty soon. I want to win races. I don’t care where they are, I want to win them all, so that’s kind of the plan.”

On the new SRAM Red 22 disc brakes… “They feel really good. I’m excited to just ride them more! Once you get used to the feeling of them, it’s really easy to control the bike.”

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