Jake Wells (FORM Attainment Studio p/b IRC) pulled off his second last-lap comeback in as many days to win the Men’s Singlespeed race on Saturday in Louisville.

Josh Whitney (Full Cycle Cyclocross Team) finished second and Justin Robinson took third.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Men's Singlespeed Results: 2018 Louisville Cyclocross Nationals

1709Jake WELLSFORM Attainment Studio p/b IRC43:24.
3760Justin ROBINSON43:56.
4657Kevin DAYTeam Endurance 36044:03.
5649Corey STELLJESNeff Cycle Service44:07.
6718Molly CAMERONPoint S Nokian44:25.
7705Max JUDELSON45:54.
8758Rory JACKVelosmith Bicycle Studio46:10.
9748Jared NIETERSSEAVS/Haymarket pb Van Dessel46:29.
10703Omar DICKENSONSonic Boom Racing Team46:40.
11607Daniel LARINOYukato Yoga p/b Two Rivers Brew46:55.
12733Michael LARSONTeam Handmade47:28.
14721Ben GUERNSEY47:47.
15759Wesley BOYCECycle City Racing47:56.
16752Frederick JUNGEBase Media Racing Team48:33.
17629Andrew LOAIZA48:43.
18700Ryan RINN48:48.
19630Peter TYSONTeam Bikenetic49:11.
20740Brad NELSON49:56.
21712Zach ANDREWS50:04.
22614Michael POTTERPactimo p/b Mock Orange Bikes50:06.
23635Jim WOODHiFi Sound Cycling Componets50:13.
24717Larry MILLERTeam Bikenetic50:23.
25619Benjamin TORVIK50:27.
26775Anthony VECCASTAGE 1/AirLine Cycles50:50.
27620Seth ECKERT801 W. Madison51:31.
28735Brendan LEHMAN51:34.
29683Daniel PROULXTeam Bike Doctor51:47.
30658Shawn GEIGER52:03.
31616James DAVALLA Dogs Day Out52:25.
32687Derrick SAUNDERS52:37.
33645David GUNNERSONAscent Concept Team52:42.
34628Danny WEIKEL52:53.
35642Timothy FEGELFirst City Cycling Team53:18.
36626Matthew SCOTT53:58.
37681Jesse STAUFFERBerks Cycling Collective54:05.
38723Benjamin STRINEPennsylvania Cycling Associatio54:11.
39731Paul BOURCIER@1Lap
40670Ryan POPPLE@1Lap
41651Peter MURRAY@1Lap
42691Zach BENDERCycle-Smart@1Lap
44631Marc INNELLAYukato Yoga p/b Two Rivers Brew@1Lap
45716Justin MORGANTop Club@1Lap
46761Carter WARRENThe Velo Ambassador Team@1Lap
47659Alex PANKIW@1Lap
48685Davis YARBROUGH@1Lap
49677Steven WILLIAMSRecycled Cycles Racing@1Lap
50682Andy LUECKRasmussen Bike Shop@1Lap
51652Troy CRADY@1Lap
52639Brian HLUDZINSKIBoulder Cycle Sport@1Lap
53739Douglas TORRESHigh Desert Bicycles Team@1Lap
54763Scott PHILLIPS@1Lap
55722Doug GRAVER@1Lap
56747John MAGGARD@1Lap
57601Christopher MILTHALERTeam Bikenetic@1Lap
58695James BILOTTOL5Flyers Cycling Team@1Lap
59613Samuel DOBROZSI@2Lap
60608Todd HOEFERFamily Cycling Center@2Lap
61714Eric WYZGA@2Lap
62615George LEWISTeam Bikenetic@2Lap
64672Jeremy BELCHERRogue Racing Project@2Lap
65636Franklin SEGURA@2Lap
66715John STONEBARGERCRANDIC Racing Club@2Lap
67661Grant FANNINGAll-City@2Lap
68767Raymond LAFFINCrosstown Velo@2Lap
69662Brandon HASLIPTwisted Cog Racing p/b Stable 1@2Lap
70605David HUETERNoCo Cycling Project@2Lap
71701Daniel COXcycles de ORO@2Lap
72666Brad YOUNGNo. 22 CX TEAM@2Lap
73674Daniel OLSEN@2Lap
74684Derek GRIGGS@2Lap
75611Eli WOODARD@2Lap
76654Elwood GLASSAll-City@2Lap
77612Dakota OLSENCentral Junior Cycling Devo@2Lap
78688Aaron BARCHECK@2Lap
79627Curtis ALIANCVC/UnitedHealthcare@2Lap
80655Shelby GIBBSDash Racing@2Lap
81668Mason MORGAN@2Lap
82610Lucas BEIRNENCVC/UnitedHealthcare@2Lap
83706Tyler CONANTDash Racing@2Lap
84640Glen JONESTrek Midwest Team@2Lap
85656Andrew ALLWEINTeam Handmade@2Lap
86727Peter SCHULTZTeam Bikenetic@2Lap
87697Scott SMITH@2Lap
88625Keith WATSON@2Lap
89702Stephen HARRISON@2Lap
90726Fred MILLSPoint S racing@2Lap
91663Alex LAIFER@2Lap
92678Jason STONER@2Lap
93728Christian AMBJORNTeam Hungry@2Lap
94602Chase PREZIOSO@2Lap
95647Robert STILESSTAGE 1/AirLine Cycles@2Lap
96732Brad HAWKTeam Bikenetic@2Lap
97756Adam MOORE@2Lap
98736John WITMERGMBC/Synergy Fitness@2Lap
99720Collin SHIPMANMidwest Devo Support Crew@2Lap
100768Aaron SCHICKER@2Lap
101765Brian FUNKTeam Spoke Cycles@2Lap
102711Colin WOODS@2Lap
103637Nathaniel CASSIDY@2Lap
104679Sean MALINRage Cycling Team@2Lap
105675Spencer HACKETT@2Lap
106737Luke WOODARDKreitler Racing Team@2Lap
107646Josh MCKINNEYTrek Midwest Team@2Lap
108773Chris SPURRIERTeam Bikenetic@2Lap
109634Eric FOSSELLSRAM Factory@3Lap
110738Jacob HUIZENGAChicago Cuttin Crew@3Lap
111653Ryan GAMMRed Kite@3Lap
112641Peter LOPEZRadio Free Denver Cycling Club@3Lap
113771Justin RIVARDTeam VO2@3Lap
114754Wilson HALE@3Lap
115730Alex WORKVoler/Easton/HRS/Rock Lobster@3Lap
116617Sean TRINQUEUnion College-KY@3Lap
117693Nathan MULLINS@3Lap
118749Christopher ARNDTParadise Garage Racing@3Lap
119692Lawrence CZARNECKIMicro Metals/Bike Zoo@3Lap
120772Logan LUKERMOAB Cyclocross@3Lap
121744Todd PETERSONFinkraft Cyling Team@3Lap
122776Ben WILSONRogue Racing Project@3Lap
123708Todd STEVENSONRage Factory racing@3Lap
124660Richard KELLYTeam VO2@3Lap
125746Dane PARISTeam Bikenetic@3Lap
126665Lawrence PURTILLStedmans/MeltSnow Racing@3Lap
127745John SWITOW@3Lap
128707Matthew MARTINA@3Lap
129750Josh HATCHELL@3Lap
130621Kevin JOHNSONTeam NeighborLink@3Lap
131769Peter REID@3Lap
132734Max SCHMIDTMANNRage Cycling Team@3Lap
133484Ben STEVENSONRage Factory racing@3Lap
134648Ara OGGOIANBicycle Heaven@3Lap
135689William MCDADE@3Lap
DNF785Mike BONENBERGERTopo Designs Cycling Club