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Harry Hamilton (Colavita – Whole Foods Market Racing) made a move at the sand pit with a little over one lap to go and held his lead to win the Masters Men 60-64 race at Lakewood Nationals on Wednesday.

Defending champ Jay Trojan (Arc En Ciel Racing Team) took second and Jay Thornton (A Dugast USA) third. Curtis Southern (NCVC / United Healthcare) and Kevin Saint Clair (Team Skyline) rounded out the five-person podium.

Full results for the Masters Men 60-64 are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Masters Men 60-64 Results: 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

1408Harry HAMILTONColavita-Whole Foods Market Rac40:46.
2401Jay TROJANArc En Ciel Racing Team41:02.
3411Jay THORNTONA Dugast USA41:20.
4409Curtis SOUTHERNNCVC/UnitedHealthcare41:49.
5414Kevin SAINT CLAIRTeam SKYLINE41:49.
6405Joe BRUBAKERKUHL Cycling Team41:57.
7402Phillip KENEALYGUS CX42:03.
9437Michael NYBERGSunnyside Sports42:09.
10413Tim STONEExcel Sports - Insight Design42:35.
11417Scott GRILLBicycle Heaven42:58.
12412James NASHCCB Racing Team43:07.
13416Doug CAMPBELLRaging Bull Racing43:07.
14435Greg FENTONuccyclery J&W flooring43:17.
15442Roy COLVEN43:32.
17454Randy IDDINGS43:44.
18434Joe FABRISPlus343:45.
19439Scott MONETTIndigenous Wheel Co43:46.
20415Doug RICHARDSBlue Sky Velo43:51.
21453Rick RAYMONDOld Town Bicycle p/b Ritzman Co44:25.
22420Emil GERCKEFeedback Sports44:29.
23433Justin BANNERMANAllegro Cyclery Dirt Racing44:47.
24422Bruce SCHWABRainbow Bicycle Racing44:54.
25438Billie KREIN45:01.
26419Michael SCHAUBFeedback Sports Racing45:15.
27410Joseph PISCITELLOPa Masters p/b Piscitello Law45:42.
28445Bob AGOPSOWICZDYNA Racing46:36.
29436Mark KOENIGPen Velo Racing/Summit Bicycles46:41.
30447Glen CONLEYNone46:43.
31421Timothy SHEASunapee/Buchika?s/Canary System47:24.
32456Peter KRUMINSOld Town Bicycle47:33.
33451John SEIVERTol Republic / SERT47:37.
34452Dave STANTONTaco Time NW Cycling Team47:39.
35431Jim ENGLISHValley Spokesmen Racing Team48:06.
36424Darrell DAVISContender Bicycles48:08.
37428Field BLEVINS48:14.
38457Frank BOYERRosso Fango/Isocentric48:21.
39425Michael JOHNSONHalyard Health48:28.
40440Jeff HOLLISTERTeam Oregon p/b Rodda Paint48:33.
41418Michael ZOELLERFirmly Detached49:08.
42441Stefan FURSTDialed Cycling Team49:39.
43449Joe HAMILTONRebound / Tireless Velo50:03.
44429Alan JOHNSONMatrix/RBM50:52.
45443Stephen HEMMINGERTeam Oregon p/b Rhodda Paint51:01.
46423Kevin MALLORYxXx Racing-Athletico51:01.
47426Thomas FULCHERRock Creek Velo53:37.
48430Ray ROETMANMod Market53:46.
50450Bryan WILLMANEgenciaLAP
DNF404Robert DOWNSA Dugast USA
DNF455Scott SOWLEFCA Endurance