Cyclocross is special because of its community, and each region’s community is unique. While you may know the local characters and history that define your local cyclocross culture, we’re sure there are a lot of good stories out there that never make it beyond the regional scene, especially if your local promoters don’t have a dedicated PR person. Our readers want to hear these stories, and we’re looking to bring together a small group of regional reporters to provide updates on ‘cross in their area. Cyclocross Magazine is based on community-contributed content, and with your help, we will give the stories that need to be told a platform and give your scene the love it deserves.

What type of stories are we looking for? A top elite racer that flies under the national radar? Maybe an interview with an aspiring junior who is making all the old folks look bad? Or an espoir about to break onto the pro scene? How about race report from that special local race that the world should know about? The secret strategies of the training group that nobody is supposed to talk about? Land-use issues or the perfect tire for your terrain? The limit here is only what you can imagine (and what our editors will approve, this is a family friendly community, right?).

So help us shine some light on your ‘cross scene. We’re looking for a few passionate folks who are tied in with their local scene, or need an excuse to become so. If you’re willing to provide semi-weekly updates (that’s every two weeks) on the ‘cross happenings in your area, we want to hear from you. Help spread the word about the folks and events in your community and show the rest of us why your region is unique and deserves attention!

No experience or special skills are required. All you need is a passion for cyclocross, although writing and computer skills would be a big help. It’s a volunteer position, but a fun and rewarding one. And who knows where it will take you – several contributors have found paid media positions through their contributions to Cyclocross Magazine.

Interested in being a regional reporter? Just drop us a line at news [at] with some quick facts about yourself, your cowbell profile URL and what you would report on in your first story.