Steel*Wool is looking to bring ’cross back to its roots.

Think Carbon is for sissies? Wear military issue WW2 wool pants for your ’cross races?  Think Eddie Merckx’s Molteni Jersey was the pinnacle of uniforms? Steel*Wool just might be the team for you. Read on for details.

Boulder Cycle Sport, a premier bicycle retailer with two locations in Boulder, CO, and a purveyor of all things cyclocross has announced the enrollment period for a unique division of its cyclocross team. Steel*Wool has been created to meet the need of those riders who, simply put, in their perfect world would choose a steel frame over any other and know wool is the one and only material you need for cycling apparel. There is place for shaving grams and maximizing power output. Steel*Wool is not this place.

Steel*Wool is being formed to bring cyclocross back to its most pure, simple and functional form.

We’re looking for a few good men and women. Those who are resilient like a steel frame and fork; who acknowledge the only important Watt played bass for the Minutemen; who are acutely aware of the conditions in which sheep reside and therefore understand why they choose to wear wool; who can say “I will not, not drink beer from September through January!” (Please note, although highly encouraged, drinking beer or any beverage for that matter is not a requirement.)

If you said “oh, hell yeah” to any of the above attributes keep reading for details on how you can join the Steel*Wool armada and keep things simple and pure.