Caroline Mani (Raleigh / Clement) takes the win over Amanda Carey (NoTubes) at the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Night's Race. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

Here, Caroline Mani (Raleigh / Clement) takes the win over Amanda Carey (NoTubes) at the 2013 Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Race. © Cathy Fegan-Kim

While the Elite Men and Women’s races captured the attention because of their high-profile names, big cash prize and Raleigh contracts at stake and a little fat tire controversy, there were other races on Thursday in Deer Valley.

Perhaps one of the tightest races of the day was the Women’s Cat 3/4 race, where two young juniors battled racers three times their age, and came out on top, with 12-year-old Katie Clouse (Canyon Bicycles) winning ahead of 11-year-old Sydney Palmer-Leger (Summit Bike Club). Erika Powers (Revolution/Peak) returned for her one and only USA Cycling race of the year, and finished third after placing 10th in the combined women’s field last year.

Amanda Schaper of Ritte scared away all competitors before the race to win the women’s singlespeed title. Raleigh’s Craig Etheridge had an easy ride to capture the singlespeed title, but not until Ritte’s Alan Danger Zinniker broke his seatpost to fall out of contention and finish third behind Bob Pitkin (White Pine Touring).

Philip Tinstman (MRI Endurance) returned to the Raleigh race to defend his Industry title, and local Jared Kirkham  won the men’s 3/4 race ahead of youngster Drew Palmer-Leger (Summit Bike Club), who brought home the family’s second silver medal after sister Sydney’s silver in the women’s 3/4. Raleigh’s Mark Landsaat was third.

Results below the photos.

Raleigh Midsummer Night’s Cyclocross Race Photo Gallery by Cathy Fegan-Kim:


Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cross 2014 Results - Industry Men

1Philip Tintsman
2Nicholas Riddle
3Bryce Olsen
4Bob Saffell
5Brook Watts
6Dave Pearson
7Derek Griggs
8Brad Thurgood
9John Wordin
10Brad McKenzie
11Rick Kern
DNFTom Gosselin
DNFTony Stanislav
DNFLogan Vonbokel


Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cross 2014 Results - Singlespeed

1Craig EtherigeRaleigh Clement
2Bob PitkenWhite Pine Touring
3Alan ZinnikerRitte CX Team
4Brian FinhertyHodala
5Denny KalarCole Sport
6Eric NelsonMudfoot
7Connor HolasekPG13


Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cross 2014 Results - 3 and 4 Men

1Jared Kirkham
2Drew Palmer-Leger
3Mark Landsaat
4Bill Reed
5Jeff Perry
6Ian Crossett
7Ethan Fedor
8Andrew Coe
9Jon Argyle
10Ben Cline
11Derek Griggs
12Mike Maca
13Cameron Hoover
14Matthew Nelson


Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cross 2014 Results - Cat 3 and 4 Women

1Katie Clouse
2Sydney Palmer-Leger
3Erika Powers
4Jessica Morris
5Lauren Finck
DNFJennie Wade
DNFBrittany Howes