Vicki Barclay goes for the win at SSCXWC. © A.E Landes Photography

This past year, Vicki Barclay scored the win at SSCXWC. © A.E Landes Photography

The Kentucky crew hosting SSCXWC14KY wants to make it that much easier to come to Louisville and race on the Worlds course this coming October in Singlespeed Cyclocross Worlds. Because of that, they will be giving away Golden Tickets, meaning free entry to SSCXWC14KY, at five events this season. How do you win? It’s simple… be fast.

Brian Segal, one of the promoters, explains, “We will be giving free entry to the race to the top finishing male and female non-pros starting at Sea Otter. Be the top finisher, and receive a pit pass with a QR code that you can redeem on our website for free entry to the race and all of the associated parties.”

They will be giving away these Golden Tickets at:

  • Sea Otter
  • Star Crossed
  • Cross Vegas
  • Providence
  • And one more still TBD

Look for the colonel at these races, be the top finishing non-professional and win free entry. As Segal himself put it, “It’s simple because, frankly, we aren’t that bright.”

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