When you’re trudging your bike through the Florida swamp and feel the pebbles of the river bottom underneath your tires, you’re technically still racing on gravel, right?

Gravel racing is an event that has spanned nearly the length of time that bikes have been around, and the Hungryland Back Gravel Race just goes to show that no where in the world does gravel racing mean the exact same thing. In Jupiter, Florida, the Hungryland Reserve consists of wetlands as far as the eye can see, and the 60km race involved loads of twists and turns in the course simply to keep riders out of as much of the swamp as possible.

Perhaps there was not many climbs to contend with, but Florida gravel racing certainly offers enough energy draining mud, high-grass and washboard gravel roads to make the end in sight a welcome relief.

The Gravel Cyclist captured all the wet gravel action with the aid of Rusty Dosh, who competed in the 50+ category race. More race information: