This weekend features not one, but two UCI weekends in the U.S. Joining the Cincinnati Cyclocross weekend is HPCX in New Jersey. HPCX is one of the longest-running UCI events in the country. This year’s edition will be number 18.

The HP in HPCX stands for Highland Park, where the race was first held. The event moved to Thompson Park in Jamesburg, almost a decade ago, but it retains the name HPCX.

2016 HPCX Day 2. Gordon celebrates her win with Elliott and Van Gilder.

Riders jump for joy for the opportunity to race at HPCX. Gordon celebrates her win with Elliott and Van Gilder.  2016 HPCX Day 2.

18 years is a long time running a race. What helps organizers push to get better and keep things fresh? Kids these days.

“The secret to success has been the partnership with the Rutgers University Cycling team,” said race director Craig Callan. “The nature of collegiate cycling keeps fresh blood flowing through the program thus renewing the excitement and commitment.  It could not exist without them.  Rutgers cycling got excited about cyclocross about a dozen years ago and they won the ECCC title for a bunch of years in a row.”

Callan said putting on the race for so long has helped his team deal with the uncertainties nature throws at them, including Hurricane Sandy, among the more notable challenges.

“People have an enormous ability to adapt and rise to the occasion,” he said.  “I have been so impressed by everyone who works to put on the race.  Two years in a row we put on the race while new jersey was under a state of emergency prior to hurricane Sandy and an October snowstorm.  The Middlesex County Parks Department was very helpful and lots of other people were willing to lend a hand.  So I have improved my ability to remain calm which has not been easy for me.”

Three ways of taking the run-up: push, carry, fail. © Chris LaBudde

Sometimes snow comes in October and you have to race bikes. © Chris LaBudde

The Course

The Mid-Atlantic Cyclocross Series website says the “exciting sand pit,” first introduced last year, will be back again in 2017.

The Beard Robert Marion makes any sand pit more exciting. HPCX Race, Day Two – 2015 © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

The course will also have a lot more to offer. “The current course is a professional UCI-quality course,” said Callan. ” We have lots of space in our current venue with lots of features.  It’s hilly so we work to keep it fun.  I like to think of it as like creating a roller coaster.  It’s also a great course for spectating, with a lot to see from one or two spots on the course.”

HPCX, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

HPCX features a hilly, challenging course. HPCX, Day One. © Andrew Reimann / Cyclocross Magazine

The Racers

The Women’s and Men’s start lists feature a number of riders from the Northeast who are staying close to home to compete in the UCI C2 events, as well as others who are traveling from afar to race in New Jersey.

As we did for DCCX, we will turn the race prognosticating over to the math whizzes at

For the women:

Women's Race Predictor - 2017 HPCX

RankNameTeam Scientific Number
1Arley KemmererFearless Femme Racing286.71
2Samantha RunnelsSquid Bikes295.48
3Jennifer MalikAmerican Classic Pro CX311.56
4Kathryn CummingJalapeno Cycling312.64
5Lily WilliamsPony Shop CX Team319.53
6Stacey BarbossaMidAtlantic Colavita Women's Team324.25
7Julie WrightTeam Averica326.83
8Rebecca GrossZero D Racing328.08
9emily shieldsKen's Bike Shop332.41
10Laura Van GilderMellow Mushroom/Van Dessel332.60
11Regina LeggeTrek Cyclocross Collective335.91
12Rachel RubinoFearless Femme Racing340.07
14Alexandra BurtonPoint S Racing360.07
15Natalie TapiasJAM / NCC363.53
16Julie HunterSEAVS/Haymarket369.38
17Erin FacconeTeam Averica371.75
18Gabriella SterneVanderkitten Entourage Racing374.27
19Tess CunninghamParadise Garage Racing377.10
20Alexandra CampbellForteVanderkitten Entourage Racing382.78

And for the men:

Men's Race Predictor - 2017 HPCX

RankNameTeam Ranking Score
1Anthony ClarkSquid Squad162.83
2Jack KisseberthJAM / NCC174.44
3Justin LindineApex / NBX / Hyperthreads181.44
4Scott SmithJAM / NCC194.71
5Kevin Bradford-ParishGillespie Eye Care/SETcoaching/Specialized196.73
6Merwin DavisCycle-Smart Inc.205.67
8Mark FlisX-Men/ Trek/ Storm Cycles216.86
9Jules GoguelyApex / NBX / Hyperthreads222.41
10Jordan Snyder@Bicyclerealtor/ERO Verge Sport223.08
11Michael OwensHands-On Cycling p/b Guerciotti223.45
13Adam MyersonCycle-Smart229.89
14Mike FestaPhiladelphia Ciclismo232.77
15Andrew Wulfkuhle717cycling p/b RSI Panels236.33
16Patrick CollinsMinuteman Road Club237.57
17Zachary CurtisBridgewater State University243.54
18Matthew BrunoTeam Somerset246.31
19Tim WillisJAM / NCC251.99
20Matthew ClementsRotor Bike Components254.76


Race schedules are the same for Saturday and Sunday.

Women: 1:15 p.m. Eastern
Men: 2:15 p.m. Eastern

The much-anticipated Li’l Belgians Kids race is at 12:55 p.m. on Saturday.

Women's Start List - 2017 HPCX

StaceyBarbossaMountainsideNJMidAtlantic Colavita Women's Team
VickiBarclayState CollegePAStan's Kenda Women
BarbBlakleyNew YorkNYCRCA/KruisCX
AlexandraBurtonPortlandORPoint S Racing
AlexandraCampbellForteSperryvilleVAVanderkitten Entourage Racing
KathrynCummingBloomfieldNJJalapeno Cycling
TessCunninghamColumbusOHParadise Garage Racing
ErinFacconeMedfordMATeam Averica
ShaneFerroBronxNYTwo Seconds Ahead Racing
LaurenFestaDevonPARare Disease Cycling / Keswick
RileyGallagherHuntersvilleNCJ.A. King p/b BRC
RebeccaGrossgoldenCOZero D Racing
ArleyKemmererPalmertonPAFearless Femme Racing
TerraKierSanta MonicaCASquareOne
TaylorKuyk-WhitePhiladelphiaPAPhiladelphia Bike Expo
ReginaLeggeSalemNHTrek Cyclocross Collective
LeslieLupienEnfieldNHTeam Averica
JenniferMalikColumbusOHAmerican Classic Pro CX
PhiliciaMarionMount AiryNCAmerican Classic Pro Cyclocross Team
KelliMontgomeryWallingfordCTStage 1
DanielleMorsheadSan AnselmoCABrown University
TarynMudgePhiladelphiaPAFearless Femme Racing
RachelRubinoPhiladelphiaPAFearless Femme Racing
SamanthaRunnelsaustinTXSquid Bikes
LibbeySheldonWashingtonDCCrosshairs Cycling
EmilyShieldsAdvanceNCKen's Bike Shop
GabriellaSterneLeesburgVAVanderkitten Entourage Racing
NatalieTapiasEasthamptonMAJAM / NCC
LauraVan GilderCrescoPAMellow Mushroom/Van Dessel
ChelseaWeidingerSan FranciscoCAMash SF
ElizabethWhiteNorwalkCTBicycle Express
LilyWilliamsAshevilleNCPony Shop CX Team
PaigeWilliamsNorth BenningtonVTFuji Cross Crew
JulieWrightFlorenceMATeam Averica

Men's Start List - 2017 HPCX

GeraldAdasavageBrooklynNYLudwig & Larsen Racing
KevinBradford-ParishSpokaneWAGillespie Eye Care/SETcoaching/Specialized
MatthewBrunoLebanonNJTeam Somerset
AnthonyClarkFeeding HillsMASquid Squad
MatthewClementsFrederickMDRotor Bike Components
PatrickCollinsShrewsburyMAMinuteman Road Club
ZacharyCurtisBridgewaterMABridgewater State University
MerwinDavisBooneNCCycle-Smart Inc.
MikeFestaDevonPAPhiladelphia Ciclismo
MarkFlisPark CityUTX-Men/ Trek/ Storm Cycles
AndrewGiniatWinnetkaILPony Shop CX Team
JulesGoguelyOgdenUTApex / NBX / Hyperthreads
JackKisseberthEasthamptonMAJAM / NCC
JohnKnieslyBrooklynNYKING KOG / SUN AND AIR
MichaelLandryNew HavenCTVoler/Clif/HRS/Rock Lobster
CraigLebairphiladelphiaPAphiladelphia ciclismo
JustinLindineNorth OgdenUTApex / NBX / Hyperthreads
MichaelMargariteNew YorkNYCRCA/The Weather Channel Specialized Cycling Team
NateMorseCohassetMAMinuteman Road Club
DanielMullenPhiladelphiaPAThe Keystone Boys
KyleMurphyTownsendVTLudwig & Larsen Racing
MichaelOwensRichmondVTHands-On Cycling p/b Guerciotti
ChrisPinoSpringfieldPAThe 5th Floor NYC
GregSchottChesterfieldVALiberty University
ScottSmithEasthamptonMAJAM / NCC
JordanSnyderRochesterPA@Bicyclerealtor/ERO Verge Sport
PatrickTorpeyBrooklynNYCRCA/To Be Determined
MatthewTylerWarrenNJLaughing Dog Bicycles
TimWillisEasthamptonMAJAM / NCC
AndrewWulfkuhleLANCASTERPA717cycling p/b RSI Panels