Georgia Gould is all smiles after taking the national title © Amy Dykema

Georgia Gould is all smiles after taking the 2011 MTB national title © Amy Dykema

Georgia Gould may not have had the best cyclocross season last year, but she’s been more than making up for it in the 2012 mountain bike season as she works to make it onto the Olympic team. We checked in with her after her most recent MTB World Cup, where she took fourth place as the first American woman, right behind teammate, Katerina Nash.

Cyclocross Magazine: How have the World Cups been going?

Georgia Gould: The season started off a little rough (I was 40th in the first World Cup), but the last World Cup was much better (I was 12th), and I’ve had a few great races since then.

CXM: What are your off-season goals?

GG: Medaling at the Olympics and the World Championships. Winning US National Championships. Perfecting fish tacos.

CXM: Not a bad list! What’s up next?

GG: The World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. [Gould placed fourth!]

CXM: How has MTBing helped for cyclocross?

GG: I think being a MTB racer gives you a big advantage in cyclocross. You get to be more comfortable handling your bike in a variety of conditions. The fitness part doesn’t hurt either.

CXM: Favorite MTB World Cup so far?

GG: Nove Mesto.

CXM: Any other pre-cyclocross non-MTB plans?

GG: Ummmm … Nope.

CXM: How do you handle all of the travel? Especially since you also race a lot in cyclocross season.

GG: Every time I think it’s hard, or I start to complain about the travel, I think about all the people who would trade their 9-5 job for my “hard travel.” Then I suck it up.

CXM: In our Rumors and Rumblings column, our writer mentioned that you’re a pretty legit chef! What’s your favorite thing to cook?

GG: Hmmm. That’s a tough one. I like trying new things, but I make awesome bread (gluten-full), chicken pot pie, and I recently made some killer carnitas. Been pretty into Mexican food lately: homemade tortillas and really simple tacos. Yum. I’m hungry. What’s for dinner?