Challenge Latex Cyclocross Innertubes. © Cyclocross Magazine

Challenge Latex Cyclocross Innertubes. © Cyclocross Magazine

Cyclocross racers using clinchers typically have to chose between heavy 700x30c innertubes and lightweight road tubes but with an increased pinch flat risk. Challenge now offers an alternative with their new red latex cyclocross innertubes.

At 86 grams, the tubes are just five grams heavier than a standard width butyl road tube and are a whopping 45 grams lighter than a 700×30/35c butyl tube.

Latex tubes reportedly offer some additional benefits beyond weight savings, including pinch and puncture flat resistance and increased suppleness. These benefits come at the expense of needing to pump your tires up more often, as the tubes leak air over time.

At $12.99 MSRP, it’s not cheap for a tube, but for a 45-gram rotating weight savings, it’s an economical way to save weight.

Stay tuned as we give them a whirl.

Looking for one and can’t find it locally? You can buy the Challenge Superlight Latex 700×30-35c tube online here.