by Christopher Bagg

Brotherm Embrocation is issuing a product recall for its Forza Embrocation and suggests that other embrocation and chamois cream products using similar ingredients should be recalled as well. The embrocation has been causing a cellulitis bacteria infection on users’ skin. “We’ve determined that one of the additives to Forza (those additives include grape seed oil, nutmeg oil, eucalyptus, camphor, beeswax, capsicum, and menthol, standard in many popular embrocations and found in some chamois creams) has been tainted by a strep bacterium at our facility that, in turn, causes the cellulitis to appear” says Product Manager Craig Stirling.

“We’ve gotten reports that after application and the usual warming sensation that comes with applying embrocation, cyclists and other users have experienced redness, swelling, pain, and other uncomfortable sensations,” Stirling explains. “We suggest that users discontinue using the product and return it to their local bike store for a full refund. Since we don’t know, yet, which of the ingredients is tainted, we also suggest that all embrocation users discontinue using their own products, as many companies use the same suppliers.”

Chamois cream users should also beware, since ingredients like grape seed oil and menthol are found in chamois creams as well, and these sensitive areas are particularly apt to infection.

More information on cellulitis here.

It’s the second ingredient-based scare and recall to hit the cycling industry this quarter after the peanut recall that hit Clif Bar and other energy food companies in January.

And just as with that recall, nuts are involved.