New Rapha-Focus member Gabby Day shows a Hup United rider the best lines for cornering on an off-camber. © Cyclocross Magazine

New Rapha-Focus member Gabby Day shows a Hup United rider the best lines for cornering on an off-camber. © Cyclocross Magazine

by Kat Statman

The season is oh-so-close. You can almost taste it. So, what do we have for you then? A little bit of transfer news, and a little bit of debate. Gabby Day and Sabrina Schweizer go to Rapha-Focus; Joe Dombrowski joins the Pro-Tour Ranks, but with who? Danny Summerhill to United Healthcare; lastly, should Superprestige and GvA Trophy points be awarded at summer mountain bike races?

Gabby Day and Sabrina Schweizer in  Rapha-Focus Colors
It’s finally official: Gabby Day has made the move to Rapha-Focus for this season. Now back in the US, she will be racing both in the US and Europe this season. With the addition of Gabby Day to the stylish squad, the emergence of a full service cyclocross powerhouse is slowly coming to fruition. Additionally, she’s joined by German racer Sabrina Schweizer, who will race primarily in Europe for the season.

Joe Dombrowski goes to the Pro Tour
Mid-Atlantic superstar Joe Dombrowski has made the jump to the big leagues, and while that may mean that American cyclocross has lost another, success is always something to congratulate and follow as young Americans make their way through the rough and tumble world of pro racing. While we still don’t know which team he’s headed to, making that jump is all that counts. Congrats, Joe!

Danny Summerhill to United Health Care – a Cyclocross Rider’s Home Team?
With Summerhill racing the USA Pro Cycling Challenge in the colors of United Health Care as a stagiaire, one must wonder if he will be making the move to them for next year. A team that was the former home of Tim Johnson, as well as the current home of Chris Jones and Jake Keough (and possibly another Keough next season!), it seems as though cyclocross runs in the team’s blood a little. So, if Danny really does sign with them, is that good? Well, clearly United Healthcare lets the riders race cyclocross and fairly seriously at that, so maybe we’ll see a bit more of Danny over the next few years? But better yet, maybe Danny will be able to sign with a real ’cross team and get a little better support in the fields.

Gaining Superprestige or GvA Trophy Points through Mountain Bike Races?
The Belgians are in the midst of a debate regarding mountain bike popularity in Belgium. Years ago, apparently, Nys suggested that Superprestige and GvA Trophy series points should be awarded at certain mountain bike races. If this were the case, it would force field riders to race summer mountain bike races in order to vie for the overall series. Now the president of Belgian Cycling is making the same suggestion in order to raise the profile of mountain bike racing in Belgium. Is the proposal a good thing? Maybe, but would this only give riders like Nys and Meeusen a distinct advantage in the overall series? They both have extensive mountain bike racing experience, unlike riders like Albert and Pauwels, who have significantly less. Not only this, but doesn’t this make the season that much longer and possibly induce fatigue too early in the year?

Last bit of news: Mud, Snow and Cyclocross, the US cyclocross book written by Cyclocross Magazine editor Molly Hurford is now available in print and as an ebook. Look for her at the races with the book this season, starting with a booth at CrossVegas!