No mud this year at Portland USGP!? © Josh Liberles

No mud this year at Portland USGP!? © Josh Liberles

by Josh Liberles

The weather report for the upcoming USGP weekend in Portland, Oregon calls for dry and cold days. If that holds, this will mark the first non-soaked-edition since the USGP started coming around in 2004.

While the conditions will likely be drastically different this year, the course will likely be similar to past iterations on the Portland International Raceway course, known for its bermed motocross sections; relatively flat, twisty course; short punchy (and typically mud-slicked) hills in the middle; and raucous fans. Below we have video coverage from 2007. Both days were cold and rainy, but the Sunday race was absolutely miserable with hypothermia-inducing wet conditions. For those of us racing the Portland USGP this year, we can watch these races of yesteryear and be grateful that we’ll be facing dramatically different weather.

Women’s USGP Portland, Day 1:

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Men’s USGP Portland, Day 1:

Women’s USGP Portland, Day 2:

Men’s USGP Portland, Day 2: