Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or been hiding out on skinny or fat tire websites exclusively, you know that the SSCXWC is making its return to Portland for its 10th anniversary. We’ve recently brought you promoter Dani Dance’s vision of the upcoming one-gear December weekend, as well as “bad idea guy” John Walrod’s dreams for the event. So if you sign up for the event and bad things happen, you can’t say we didn’t warn you. See the press release below. The doors are open. Enter at your own risk.

The 10th Anniversary SSCXWC is coming to Portland, and registration is open.

The 10th Anniversary SSCXWC is coming to Portland, and registration is open.

Do you have glaucoma, anxiety, back pain, or nightmares? Is your blood alcohol low? Are you Sicurious? Are you tired of ruining nice bikes in the mud? Do you need to see more strippers? Good news, the recurring nightmare known as single speed cyclocross world championships (henceforth known as sscxwcXpdx) is coming home to Portland, OR, Northern America to atone for its sins.  December 3rd and 4th are the dates of the reckoning. Expect dry course conditions, temps in the mid 80’s, and bring plenty of sunblock.

The Dani Dance (our Cyndi Lauper) has begrudgingly put the Portland Single Speed Collective back together and joined into what can only be described as an unholy union with the Hodala Crew from Canada’s Mexico, Seattle. Please come and join our Motley Crue to wrong this ship and send it far away for its second decade of life.

Saturday December 3, 2016

Revelry, Qualifying Events: Feats of Strength, Wit, and Cunning, Jollification, Chris King Party, Revelment, Kenton Club Gaiety

Sunday December 4, 2016

Carousal, Women’s Championship Event, Saturnalia, Men’s Championship Event, Jollity

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