Brooks England, using the Kickstarter-like Triboom community, has launched two new cycling helmets it’s selling on a pre-order basis.

The road-oriented Harrier costs $200, comes in four colors and two sizes, and has EU and North American models due to different testing standards.Brooks' $200 road-oriented Harrier Helmet.

Brooks’ $200 road-oriented Harrier Helmet.

We can’t help but think it looks a bit like a vintage Giro with minimal venting down the sides, no doubt intentional given Brooks’ brand image.

The Island helmet runs $150 and is targeted at the urban crowd, but to our eyes, looks like an aero road helmet, or a good rainy day helmet for cyclocross. It also comes in two sizes and five colors.

Brooks' urban-oriented, aero-looking Island helmet. $150

Brooks’ urban-oriented, aero-looking Island helmet. $150

Both models are made with a polycarbonate outer shell, comfortable design, and exact-size adjustors. The early Harrier models feature limited copper rivet branding and are numbered.

Company representatives call the two new helmets “arguably the most aesthetically appealing bicycle helmets” on the market.” What’s your impression? Drop a comment below.

See full photos in the photo gallery below.

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Brooks' $200 road-oriented Harrier Helmet.

Brooks’ $200 road-oriented Harrier Helmet.

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