We love Oregon’s cyclocross scene. After all, it’s home of the Cross Crusades as well as a USGP and the two-time site of Nationals in Bend. So when PDX Cross came out with their video from the Halloween race in Bend last year, we had to share it. Of Portland’s cyclocross scene, the creator of the video told us: “I cannot judge it against any place else, but, I would say, while the racing is fantastic in Oregon, the thing that really makes ’cross special here is that it’s all about creating a safe community where people can celebrate doing something they love no matter the skill level they’re at. That level of support is amazing. You see pros helping to push beginners around the course.”

From that, Cross-Dressed was born.

by Jamie Francis and Rob Finch

On Halloween, 2011, thousands of cyclocross racers journeyed to Bend, Oregon to be part of the biggest, best-dressed anaerobic party in  North America.

How does this happen? How does a group of seemingly normal people decide to spend a weekend together, riding bikes around and around the grounds of a brewery, falling off those bikes, and dressing up in ways that reveal their inner weird adolescent?

It happens because we’re in the company of friends, like-minded joy seekers and because we’re brave enough to shed our shells and laugh and smile and hug and kiss and be . . . us, only a little more strange.

Cross-Dressed  is a film that wallows in that joy.

Watch Cross-Dressed here:
[vimeo 34767356 590 390]