The World Championships will no doubt be the biggest show in town come late January, but chances are, unless you’re a top athlete hand selected to represent your country, or you’re a Master taking the sport way to seriously, you’ll be there to watch, and probably drink some bourbon to stay warm. So why not bring a bike of your own and have a little fun with it? Don’t let not owning a singlespeed stop you from getting the party started early, and possibly getting a workout in at the same time.  Just convert your bike into a singlespeed with some zip ties or a short cable segment.

Raleigh SSCX Derby in Louisville

Raleigh SSCX Derby in Louisville

“That’s pretty much the idea behind it,” says Brian Segal, one of the race promoters. “It really started out as this kind of small, local race to celebrate the growing cyclocross scene here, and, of course, pay tribute to Worlds coming to Louisville. Then we saw an opportunity to get a little crazy with it, play on the Derby theme, and turn it into a little pre-gaming event before the weekend races. And that’s when we got on Raleigh’s radar. We couldn’t be more excited to have them on board; it’s a great fit. Great minds think alike.”

Raleigh Bikes is no stranger to the cyclocross scene these days. With it’s support of teams like Raleigh-Clement and Gates/Raleigh, and it’s title sponsorship of races like Midsummer Nights Cross, MFG Cross, and DCCX, the company has planted it’s roots firmly in the sport.

The Raleigh Single Speed Cyclocross Derby will be more focused on fun, and having a good time, rather than all competition. “There’s enough competition going on that week,” adds Segal. “I can neither confirm or deny there will be fire. But, where there’s fire, there’s insurance. And we’re insured.” The event is not sanctioned by any governing body, but Segal sees that as a good thing. “We can do things we can’t normally do – some of the guys in Louisville have a lot of time on their hands. It may end up being the greatest forty five minutes in sports.”

The Raleigh Single Speed Derby will be held the evening of Thursday, January 31st at Louisville’s Seneca Park, the former home of Louisville Short Track Mountain Bike Series. Prizes will be provided by the title sponsor, Raleigh Bicycles, as well as Heaven Hills Larceny Bourbon, Cyclocross Magazine and Feedback Sports, makers of high quality bike stands.

Pre-registration order will determine call ups, and is available at Day-of registration is available, but there will be a late fee. For more information visit the SSCX Derby Facebook page or