Today marked the 114th edition of the Queen of the Classics, Paris-Roubaix. The finale of the Northern Classics before the Ardennes Classics starting in a week’s time, Paris-Roubaix is perhaps the best known of the spring races and draws the most attention, including from cyclocross racers and fans.

Historically, cyclocross racers have done well at Paris-Roubaix. Modern riders Lars Boom (Astana) and Zdenek Stybar (Etixx-QuickStep) have been notable starters and protagonists in recent years. And this year saw Lars van der Haar (Giant Alpecin) start his first Hell of the North today.

But past cyclocross stars featured in Paris-Roubaix too. Cyclocross racers such as Mr. Paris-Roubaix himself, Roger De Vlaminck, who won the race four times, was the amateur Cyclocross World Champion in 1968, the same year his brother Erik took the professional title, and Roger later earned the professional title in 1975, having also been a multi-time Belgian Cyclocross National Champion. Others too like Greg LeMond who raced primarily on the road, also credit cyclocross at least in part for their skills on the bike.

Lars Boom inspects the Paris-Roubaix course. © Mario Vanacker

Lars Boom inspects the Paris-Roubaix course. © Mario Vanacker

Technological advances in bikes and gear that have been fairly quickly adopted in cyclocross or gravel riding have also played a role in Paris-Roubaix over the years.

Take for example the Roxshox Paris-Roubaix SL fork and then look towards bikes like the Cannondale Slate. Or simply consider the adoption and proliferation of disc brakes. Or even just the use of cyclocross bikes in Paris-Roubaix, even for dry editions of the race. The crossover in technology between cyclocross and road racing, and Paris-Roubaix in particular, is notable.

No, cyclocross and Paris-Roubaix don’t quite go hand-in-hand. But riders from our favorite discipline have shown a panache for the event and brought changes to the gear riders everywhere use.

Lars van der Haar during his Paris-Roubaix recon. © Mario Vanacker

Lars van der Haar during his Paris-Roubaix recon. © Mario Vanacker

For this year’s race, our sport’s stars didn’t fare all too well. Stybar played near the race’s front for some time before finishing in a large group 18:30 down and in 110th position. And Boom and van der Haar were both DNFs, their roles not necessarily to be in the mix for the finale. But the race itself was still quite exciting with a surprise winner.

Orica-Green Edge’s Mathew Hayman of Australia took a sprint finish from multi-time Paris-Roubaix winner Belgian Tom Boonen (Etixx-QuickStep). And British rider Ian Stannard (Sky) and Belgium’s Sep Vanmarcke (LottoNL-Jumbo) were there for the sprint too, but could only manage 3rd and 4th, respectively.

Your new #ParisRoubaix champion! The unfinished business is finally finished for Mat Hayman, so incredible. #OGErocks A photo posted by ORICA-GreenEDGE (@orica_greenedge) on

With respect to van der Haar’s first appearance, few expected him to taste success on a first attempt. Cyclocross racer Bernard Hinault didn’t win his first, but did his second in 1981, declaring the race “[email protected]*t” after the fact. But still, the racers come. Today’s winner Hayman had lined up for Paris-Roubaix 15 times before today.

Just participating in Paris-Roubaix is an achievement in itself for many riders. That fact was underlined by van der Haar after today’s race.

We fully expect that we’ll continue to see ‘cross racers line up for this historic monument in the future, animating the event and finding success along the way.

See full results from today’s race below.

2016 Paris Roubaix Full Results

1Mathew HAYMANAUS385:51:53
6Heinrich HAUSSLERAUS32+1:00
7Marcel SIEBERGGER34+1:00
8Aleksejs SARAMOTINSLAT34+1:00
9Imanol ERVITIESP33+1:07
10Adrien PETITFRA26+2:20
11Peter SAGANSVK26+2:20
12Maarten WYNANTSBEL34+2:20
13Oliver NAESENBEL26+2:20
14Luke ROWEGBR26+2:20
15Ramon SINKELDAMNED27+2:20
16Dylan VAN BAARLENED24+2:20
17Bert DE BACKERBEL32+2:20
18Luke DURBRIDGEAUS25+4:40
19Marcus BURGHARDTGER33+5:48
20Christophe LAPORTEFRA24+6:18
21Gijs VAN HOECKEBEL25+6:18
22Frederik BACKAERTBEL26+6:18
23Koen DE KORTNED34+6:18
24Zakkari DEMPSTERAUS29+6:18
26Florian SENECHALFRA23+6:18
27Maarten TJALLINGIINED39+6:28
28Maxime DANIELFRA25+7:12
29Nikias ARNDTGER25+7:12
30Mark CAVENDISHGBR31+7:12
31Preben VAN HECKEBEL34+7:12
32Marco MARCATOITA32+7:12
33Salvatore PUCCIOITA27+7:12
34Damien GAUDINFRA30+7:12
35André GREIPELGER34+7:24
36Matteo TRENTINITA27+7:24
37Borut BOZICSLO36+7:24
38Gianni MOSCONITA22+7:26
39Jasper STUYVENBEL24+7:35
40Fabian CANCELLARASUI35+7:35
41Stefan KUENGSUI23+11:14
43Magnus Cort NIELSENDEN23+11:14
44Bernhard EISELAUT35+11:14
45Mike TEUNISSENNED24+11:14
46Timo ROOSENNED23+12:55
47Bjorn THURAUGER28+14:22
48Alexander KRISTOFFNOR29+14:23
49Taylor PHINNEYUSA26+14:23
50Michael MORKOVDEN31+14:23
51Juraj SAGANSVK28+14:23
52Robert WAGNERGER33+14:23
53Jesse SERGENTNZL28+14:23
54Andreas SCHILLINGERGER33+14:23
55Scott THWAITESGBR26+14:23
57Kenny DE HAESBEL32+14:23
58Antoine DUCHESNECAN25+14:23
59Vicente REYNES MIMOESP35+14:23
61Danny VAN POPPELNED23+14:23
62Alan MARANGONIITA32+14:23
63Laurens DE VREESEBEL28+14:23
64Benoit JARRIERFRA27+14:23
65Lars Ytting BAKDEN36+14:23
66Sébastien MINARDFRA34+14:23
67Viacheslav KUZNETSOVRUS27+14:23
68Guillaume VAN KEIRSBULCKBEL25+14:23
69Jean-Pierre DRUCKERLUX30+14:23
70Jack BAUERNZL31+14:23
71Roy CURVERSNED37+14:23
72Reinardt JANSE VAN RENSBURGRSA27+14:23
73Nikolay TRUSOVRUS31+14:23
74Pavel BRUTTRUS34+14:23
75Francis MOUREYFRA36+14:23
76Tony MARTINGER31+14:23
77Jens KEUKELEIREBEL28+14:48
78Jurgen ROELANDTSBEL31+14:48
79Dimitri CLAEYSBEL29+14:48
80Evaldas SISKEVICIUSLTU28+16:52
81Christophe LABORIEFRA30+16:52
82Shane ARCHBOLDNZL27+16:52
83Johan LE BONFRA26+16:52
84Sebastian LANGEVELDNED31+16:52
85Marko KUMPSLO28+16:57
86Yaroslav POPOVYCHUKR36+16:57
87Wouter WIPPERTNED26+18:30
88Jan BARTACZE32+18:30
89Rick ZABELGER23+18:30
90Roy JANSBEL26+18:30
91Robin STENUITBEL26+18:30
92Gediminas BAGDONASLTU31+18:30
93Rudiger SELIGGER27+18:30
94Frederik FRISONBEL24+18:30
95Steven TRONETFRA30+18:30
96Floris GERFSNED24+18:30
97Maxime FARAZIJNBEL22+18:30
99Vegard BREENNOR26+18:30
101Marco HALLERAUT25+18:30
102Grégory RASTSUI36+18:30
103Ryan MULLENIRL22+18:30
104Sander HELVENBEL26+18:30
105Matt BRAMMEIERIRL31+18:30
106Luka PIBERNIKSLO23+18:30
107Yohann GENEFRA35+18:30
108Kristijan KORENSLO30+18:30
109Cyril LEMOINEFRA33+18:30
110Zdenek STYBARCZE31+18:30
111Hugo HOULECAN26+18:30
112Marc SARREAUFRA23+18:30
113Lieuwe WESTRANED34+18:30
114Tiesj BENOOTBEL22+18:30
115Iljo KEISSEBEL34+18:30
116Hugo HofstetterFRA22+18:42
117Jay Robert THOMSONRSA30+24:45
118Twan CASTELIJNSNED27+24:45
119Luka MEZGECSLO28+24:45
DNQMatthias BRANDLEAUT27+30:15