Tire Review: Panaracer CrossBlaster Cyclocross Clincher Review

Racing and Riding Impressions: Like the Cinder-X, the CrossBlaster has a versatile tread that does well on all types of terrain, but its narrower width handles grass better than its bigger brother. The CrossBlaster is one of the lightest ’cross tires at under 300 grams, and its high TPI casing helps provide a supple ride over the rough stuff. Heavier riders may steer clear, as the narrow width requires higher pressures to avoid both pinch flats and tire roll at low pressures, but lighter riders would do well on this light and fast tire.

panaracer cross blaster cyclocross tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

Panaracer CrossBlaster Cyclocross Tire. © Cyclocross Magazine

Width (listed / measured): 31mm / 28mm
Weight (listed / measured): 280g / 299g
MSRP: $39.95
TPI: 126
Tubeless Compatibility: Excellent, especially on wider rims such as Stan’s 29er rims. (See more tubeless tire options in our Going Tubeless for Cyclocross series)