We finally closed our old poll, and have a new, timely one up.

Our old poll had some interesting results. Cyclocross has long been just a way to maintain some fitness in the off-season when road and mountain bike racing is done. We all know that’s changed – as many of you are here on our site or hanging out in our cyclocross community site (who will be member #1,000?) because you live and breathe ‘cross. But now almost one in three of you won’t even race road or mtb in the real “off-season.” 11% of you spend your off-season crying, gaining weight, and waiting forever for September to arrive, and another 21% “just ride” in the off-season.

Of the folks who do some racing to stay in shape? More roadies than fat tire racers, with 40% of you doing some road racing, and 28% hitting the dirt. With the growth in spring (Colorado’s Cult Cross) and summer ‘cross (Spectacross in July/August in New Jersey) racing, will the number of people who only race ‘cross continue to grow? Time will tell. We certainly wouldn’t mind.

Our new poll takes a quick poll of your ‘cross equipment shopping plans. Got a new ride in the works for next season? Riding the old stuff? Economy hurting you and you’re selling it all but one wheel? Let us know. Take the poll on the right of our site.

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