Sven Nys is showing he's as formidble on a mountain bike as he is on a 'cross. Courtesy of Lotte Vanreusel

Having previously taken the gold at Kester and Averbode, on July 4th Sven Nys again won at the Fidea Mountain Bike Cup at St. Vith, the fifth race of Belgian Grand Prix series.  Nys’ main rival going into the Cup, Zdenek Stybar, had a bit of bad luck on the day.Stomach problems plagued him throughout the race, and he finished eight places down from Nys. “I’ve been having these problems since we returned from the stage race in Serbia,” Stybar said via his Web site. “I was not 100 percent fit, but I really wanted to start. I didn’t feel well during the first two laps and I thought about abandoning the race. My stomach problems were just getting worse and worse. I had to use the toilet and I needed to choose a place where it was possible and just go. I lost maybe three minutes, but I got back on the bike and managed to finish the race,” said Stybar.

Also at the race was ‘crosser Bart Wellens, who took a strong sixth place.