At first glance, most modern-day pro ‘cross bikes seem fairly straightforward. A few choices can differentiate them: Disc or canti brakes? 1x or double chainrings? File tread, all-around or mud tubular tires? SRAM or Shimano?

But for those on the bleeding edge of technology, and often times at the front end of cyclocross races around the globe, any bit of mechanical advantage can help. Whether it’s shaving a few grams off a bike’s weight, or improving a run of derailleur cable to prevent contamination in muddy Belgian races, many pros’ bikes have more to them to than meets the eye.

Our loyal readers may have seen much of this already, but Global Cycling Network put together a nice compilation of pro bikes that have more going on than meets the eye. Give it a watch to see the latest and greatest in ‘cross tech, some available to the public, and some one-off.

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