File Photo: More tight off camber turns for the ladies at Highlander Cross Cup, day 1. © Bo Bickerstaff

File Photo: More tight off camber turns for the ladies at Highlander Cross Cup, day 1. © Bo Bickerstaff

Day two of the Highlander Cross Cup in Waco, T.X. got off to a quick start as day one winner and undisputed favorite, Amanda Nauman (SDG-Muscle Monster) took the holeshot. Nauman was joined by Emily Kachorek (Squid Bikes), Christina Gokey-Smith (Dallas Bike Works) and Kathryn Cumming (Cyclocross Magazine Racing). Sally Annis ( would quickly join the lead group as they worked to establish separation from the field.

Nauman would quickly attack the group, with only Annis and Gokey-Smith able to match her pace—albeit briefly. Nauman’s pace could not be matched, and Annis and Gokey-Smith would fall back to be joined by Laurel Rathbun (Raleigh-Clement) and Cumming.

Realizing that Nauman’s gap was building, Cumming drove the chase, spitting Annis out of the back of the chase group, and Rathbun shortly after. Victim of a near-crash at the start, Saturday’s third place finisher, Samantha Runnels (ATC Racing) worked her way through the field to join forces with Annis and Rathbun.

With her lead growing, Nauman would go on to win the race solo, followed by Cumming and in an impressive come-from-behind performance, Runnels would distance her chase companions to finish third after getting tangled up at the start.

Stay tuned for a photo gallery of the day’s action at the Highlander Cross Cup.

Highlander Cross Cup Day Two Elite Women's Results

1Amanda NAUMANUSA2650:24:00
2Kathryn CUMMINGUSA2950:54:00
3Samantha RUNNELSUSA2452:13:00
4Sally ANNISUSA4152:38:00
5Laurel RATHBUNUSA1953:13:00
6Rebecca BLATTUSA3553:26:00
7Catherine MOOREUSA4553:37:00
8Christina GOKEY-SMITHUSA4254:04:00
9Hannah FINCHAMPUSA2054:40:00
10Rebecca GROSSUSA3555:17:00
11Corey COOGAN CISEKUSA3856:04:00
12Stacy KALEMKIARIANUSA3056:22:00
13Fiona DOUGHERTYUSA1757:39:00
14Jessica SMITHUSA3257:43:00
15Heidi WOODUSA3058:22:00
16Sarah GINSBACHUSA3159:45:00