With temperatures in Waterloo soaring into the 90s on Friday afternoon, a few riders decided to call it a day after their pre-race course inspection. Many riders, among them Mathieu van der Poel (Beobank-Corendon), Toon Aerts (Telenet Fidea Lions) and others, decided to get a pre-World Cup tune-up in by racing Friday afternoon’s C2 at the Trek CX Cup.

Aerts was the only rider able to mirror a mid-race attack from Van der Poel and then after the two rode together for a few laps, Van der Poel dropped his rival to cruise to the C2 win. Aerts finished second, and Vincent Baestaens beat out Eli Iserbyt (Marlux – Napoleon Games) in the battle for third.

Stay tuned to Cyclocross Magazine for a full report from Friday’s race and our continuing coverage of the 2017 Trek CX Cup and World Cup Waterloo

Men's Results - 2017 Trek CX Cup C2

RankBibNameTeam Time      
12Mathieu VAN DER POELBeobank-Corendon1:01:26
234Toon AERTSTelenet Fidea Lions1:01:48
340Vincent BAESTAENS1:01:54
439Eli ISERBYT1:01:59
536Corne VAN KESSELTelenet Fidea Lions1:02:28
67Tim MERLIERCrelan - Charles1:02:38
79Tobin ORTENBLAD1:02:50
811Ian FIELDHargroves Cycles1:03:15
935Thijs AERTSTelenet Fidea Lions1:03:28
103Tom MEEUSENBeobank-Corendon1:03:36
1114Matthieu BOULOTeam Pays De Dinan1:03:51
1218Spencer PETROVAspire Racing1:04:25
1326Brian MATTER1:04:40
1438Michael BOROSPauwels Sauzen - Vastgoedservic1:04:43
1521Andrew DILLMANThink Green1:04:59
1622Garry MILLBURNSpeedvagen Maap1:05:22
1720Gage HECHTUci Ct: Aevolo Cycling Inc.1:05:41
1832Eric THOMPSON1:06:04
1916Travis LIVERMONMaxxis-Shimano Pro Cyclocross1:06:55
2023Justin LINDINEApex/Nbx/Hyperthreads1:07:06
2124Mark MCCONNELLHot Sauce Cycling1:07:24
2241Trevor ODONNELL@1Lap
2361Josh BAUER@1Lap
2428Isaac NILES@2Lap
2589Caleb Martin Long SWARTZTrek Cyclocross Collective@2Lap
2674Jason WIEBEPrairie Fire Racing@2Lap
2760Kyle RUSSBrazen Dropouts Cycling Team@2Lap
2871Brendon SHARRATTChallenge Tires Nz@2Lap
2925Derrick ST JOHNVan Dessel P/B Hyperthreads@2Lap
3054Nicholas LEMKE@3Lap
3166Michael James LARSON@3Lap
3231Dylan POSTIERGarneau-Easton P/B Transitions@3Lap
3329Masaru NAKAZATOSpeedvagen Family Racing@3Lap
3481Andrew Clayburne GINIAT@3Lap
3577Scott Allen ALBAUGH@3Lap
3662Bryan FOSLER@3Lap
3782Alexander Peter James MORGAN@3Lap
3856Jason Isaac SIEGLESdg Muscle Monster@3Lap
3988Gunner HOLMGREN@3Lap
4030Christian RICCILakeside Storage Cyclocross Tea@3Lap
4183David A REYES@3Lap
4278David Gerald SHEEKSdg-Muscle Monster@4Lap
4385Jacob Timothy HUIZENGA@4Lap
4427Bjorn SELANDER@4Lap
4565Andrew THOMPSONBirchwood/Gis@4Lap
4679Christopher Joel FINKELDEINeff Cycle Service@4Lap
4770Hayden James MCLAUGHLIN@4Lap
4869Tyler STEINWisconsin Cycling Association@5Lap
4975Christian Isaac SUNDQUIST@5Lap
5087Nick THOMAS@5Lap