For those of you who came early to Louisville to race in, or spectate at, the 2013 Masters World Championships, be sure to check out our updated schedule for heat, consolation, and repechage times and masters world championship races.

DateTimeCategory / EventType
1/29/20138:00am -12:00 pmRegistration / Pick up
1/29/20139:00am -11:30 amPre-race Training
1/29/20131:30pmCX Male Master 60-64Heats
1/29/20132:30pmCX Male Master 55-59Heats
1/29/201312:00 PMCX Male Master 50-54Heats
1/29/20133:30pmCX Male Master 45-49Heats
1/29/20134:30pmCX Male Master 50-54Heats
1/29/20134:00pm - 8:00 pmRegistration / Pick upRepechage
1/29/20136:00pmRiders MeetingGalt House
1/30/20138:00am -12:00 pmRegistration / Pick up
1/30/20138 :00am -8:30amPre-race Training
1/30/20138:30amCX Male Master 45-49Heats
1/30/201310:00 AMCX Male Master 40-44Heats
1/30/201311:30 AMCX Male Master 30-34Heats
1/30/201312:00 pm - 12:30 pmOpen Course
1/30/201312:30 PMCX Male Master 45-49Repechage
1/30/20131:00pmCX Male Master 30-34Heats
1/30/20131:30pmCX Male Master 40-44Repechage
1/30/20132:00pmCX Male Master 45-49Consolation
1/30/20132:45pmCX Male Master 50-54Consolation
1/30/20133:30pmCX Male Master 35-39Heats
1/30/20134:00 pm - 8:00pmRegistration / Pick-Up
1/31/20138:00am -12:00 pmRegistration Pick-Up
1/31/20138:00am -8:30amPre-Race Training
1/31/20138:30amCX Male Master 35-39Repechage
1/31/20139:00amCX Male Master 65-69Final
1/31/20139:00amCX Male Master 70-74Final
1/31/20139:00amCX Male Master75-79Final
1/31/20139:00amCX Male Master 80+Final
1/31/20139:45amCX Male Master 50-54Final
1/31/201310:30amCX Male Master 55-59Final
1/31/201311:20amCX Female Master 45-49Final
1/31/201312:00 pm - 12:30 pmPre-Race Training
1/31/201312:30 PMCX Male Master 30-34Repechage
1/31/20131:00pmCX Female Master 30-34Final
1/31/20131:45pmCX Male Masters 40-44Consolation
1/31/20132:45pmCX Female Master 40-44Final
1/31/20133:30pmCX Male Master 60-64Final
1/31/20134:15pmCX Male Master 35-39Consolation
1/31/20134:00pm -8:00pmPre-Race Training
2/1/20138:00am - 8:30amPre-Race Training
2/1/20138:30amCX Female Master 55-59Final
2/1/20138:30amCX Female Master 60-64Final
2/1/20138:30amCX Female Master 65-69Final
2/1/20138:30amCX Female Master 70-74Final
2/1/20138:30amCX Female Master 75+Final
2/1/20139:15amCX Male Master 30-34Final
2/1/201310:15amCX Female Master 50-54Final
2/1/201311:00amCX Female Master 35-39Final
2/1/201312:00 pm -12:30 pmPre-Race TrainingFinal
2/1/201312:30 PMCX Male Master 45-49Final
2/1/20131:30pmCX Male Master 40-44Final
2/1/20132:30pmCX Male Master 35-39Final
2/1/20136 :15pmWorld Championships Presentation

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