Read our Masters 40-44 Women race report

Tricia Fleischer (Trek Cyclocross Collective) finished ahead of Kenda Super (Thrive) to win the Masters Women 40-44 race. Melanie Carter (Feedback Sports Racing) rounded out the podium.

Full results are below. Stay tuned for a race report.

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Photo: Tricia Fleischer in Lakewood by A. Yee.

Masters Women 40-44 Results - 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
1507Tricia FLEISCHERTrek Cyclocross Collective42:38.10:33.4
2505Kenda SUPERThrive44:08.10:58.4
3504Melanie CARTERFeedbackSports44:22.11:04.4
4511Sierra DOMAILLEMettle Cycling p/b Leave It On44:57.10:59.4
5509Evie EDWARDS45:00.11:09.4
6519Karine VALLIANT-SAUNDERSThrive45:18.11:24.4
7514Elise DONOVANFast Fun Nice Racing Team p/b W46:36.11:47.4
8530Josie JACQUES-MAYNESFOX46:45.11:44.4
9510Karyn ABRAHAMpedal RACING47:11.12:00.4
10515Adrienne ALLEGRETTIS W A T47:30.11:41.4
11522Sierra CALLAHANGrouptrail Cycling47:44.12:11.4
12517Kim JAYASDBC powered by Spinergy p/b UC48:02.11:24.4
13513Diana SJOLS W A T48:46.12:26.4
14525Amber STULLChain Reaction Alaska / 9ZERO750:00.12:43.4
15512Amanda BYEColorado Women?s Cycling Projec50:27.12:34.4
16516Keri BARNESTeam Digestive Health Boise Vel50:50.12:36.4
17518Kimberly SASSSorella Forte50:58.12:38.4
18527Eva WONGBlack Sheep Velo51:02.12:34.4
19529Joey LENABURGMT Alpha51:02.12:34.4
20528Lucia VOJTECH51:44.12:33.4
21521Liz NETTLESThrive53:34.13:38.4
22524Carolyn ELLERJacks Queens of Dirt55:23.14:08.4