The Masters 60-64 Men followed the Men’s 65-69 race at the 2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford, CT. It was the last title race of the day, held in muddy conditions.

Todd Cassan, who took first at 2019 Lakewood Cyclocross Nationals Masters Men 55-59, won the title, while last year’s Masters Men 60-64 winner, Gunnar Shogren, came in second. Samuel Morse finished third.

66 riders took the start, which was the same amount as in 2017.

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Hartford Results: Masters Men 60-64

1603Todd CASSANRally38:16.
2601Gunnar SHOGRENPathfinder Factory Racing p-b Green Angels39:31.
3609Samuel MORSECorner Cycle-FinKraft39:56.
4625Bob REUTHERActiveYards-Piscitello Law P-b GoCycling40:25.
5602Chris ADOLFDropbar Racing40:37.
6614Harry HAMILTONNJCX Project40:40.
7606Frank SMITHFeedback Sports41:48.
8611Carl REGLARAistriu Mountain Bike Team42:00.
9619Robert WATTSNJCX Project42:01.
10604Brian DUNNGreat Divide Brewing42:02.
11605Doug RICHARDSFeedback Sports43:12.
13616Thomas RICHESONDesign Physics Racing43:50.
14613Dunbar OEHMIGBicycle Express Racing43:51.
15615Phillip KENEALYGUS CX44:22.
16620Rick ANDERSONTeam Somerset44:30.
17607Bobby DAHLSTROMFull Cycle44:36.
18636Mark MASTORASDolore Grotta-Big Swingin45:02.
19627Jeffrey APPELTANSActiveYard-Piscitello Law-Voler P-b GoCycling45:19.
20617Michael PARENTCompetitive Edge Race Team45:29.
21628John MOSHERBischof and Klein Technical Films46:06.
22637Thierry BLANCHETNorth American Velo46:22.
23631Ron HUEBNERGene Johnson Cycling??Team46:46.
24630Bruce SCHWABRainbow Bicycle Racing46:52.
25626Daniel RUSSELLCycle Lodge46:59.
26624Christopher SCOTTRiverside Racing47:10.
27622Ron DUNNBMB RACING47:17.
28660Steve THORNEBiciclista.us47:28.
29629Joseph LELLMANBaystate Wing Orthopedics47:34.
30638Brett TREMAINEIron Bridge-Tarmac Cycling47:47.
31623Patrick HAMPTONVoler Factory Racing p-b OVCB47:47.
32654Paul NYBERGTeam Horst Sports47:56.
33634Albert GREENEDCMTB48:09.
34610Michael SCHAUBFeedback Sports Racing48:45.
35633Derek GRIGGSRecycled Sports49:29.
36621Keith ENDERLETeam Horst Sports49:51.
37632Dave GEISSERTTeam Horst Sports49:51.
38641Thomas RICARDITeam Horst Sports50:04.
39644Jay MCDONALDCompetitive Edge Racing50:28.
40635Michael BRADFORDState 9 Racing p-b Vittoria50:29.
41643Timothy SHEASunapee-Buchika???s-Canary Systems51:00.
42661Eric LARSSONPortland Velo Club51:07.
43642Christoph OHNGEMACHCentury Road Club of America51:08.
44666Andre GOGUEN51:32.
45652Chris MOWRYJalapeno Cycling51:45.
46655Thomas HOLTONCheshire Cycle Racing52:41.
47608Walter STRICKLER54:22.
48650Fafar BAYATKelly Acres Speed Shop54:44.
49646John BOGDANSKI55:13.
50649John WITMERGMBC55:41.
51651David EVANSFreeze Thaw Cycles55:52.
52664Darrell RIKERTSaratoga Biathlon56:53.
53653John DZUBINSKIGuys Racing38:00.
54659Scott KIRSCHNERBlue Hills Cycling Club38:38.
55656Kristofer SINGLETONRace Pace Bicycles-RIP39:39.
56658John WEAVERNBX-Narragansett Beer-Apex40:05.
57645David BANCROFTEndurance Threads43:20.
58665Bruce KRISTIANSENJust Riding A Bike45:52.
Rider 612 & 647 DisquaifiedRule 41C: Failure to Exchange equipment in pit
DNF639Wayne BARLOWRed Clover Bikes
DNF657George BENINGTONPortland Velo Club-Cyclemania
DNF648Jeff JOHNSONDRV Van Dessel Racing
DQ612Jay TROJANArc-En-Ciel Racing Team
DQ647Cliff SUMMERSBody Over Bike
DNS640Thomas VOYTEKEnve Racing
DNS662Athos RASSIASColavita-Cow Bell Racing
DNS663Thierry BONNAIREKissena Cycling Club

Featured photo: Cassan at Lakewood Nationals by A. Yee

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