The Collegiate Women opened Thursday’s racing at the 2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in Hartford, CT in heavy mud conditions.

The race could also be considered a preview of the U23 Women’s favorites.

Maddie Munro showed she’s the woman to beat, dominating the Varsity race ahead of her Colorado Mesa teammate, Katie Clouse. Both are no strangers to Nationals podiums. Clouse won the last two titles, but now passed on the jersey to her teammate Munro.

Natalie Quinn (Fort Lewis) finished the Varsity race in third.

Katherine Sarkisov of the University of Maryland took the Collegiate Club title, in a long race of one hour and two minutes, ahead of Betty Hasse (University of Rhode Island) and Tori Glascock (Rutgers), both who finished one lap down.

See the full results below.

Featured photo: Clouse at Lakewood Nationals, A. Yee

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Hartford Results: Collegiate Varsity Women

14Madigan MUNROColorado Mesa University50:53:004
21Katie CLOUSEColorado Mesa University53:00:004
36Natalie QUINNFort Lewis College54:23:004
42Lizzy GUNSALUSMarian University55:05:004
53Chloe FRASERColorado Mesa University55:23:004
634Michaela THOMPSONFort Lewis College56:54:004
77Lauren LACKMANColorado Mesa University58:06:004
819Megan JASTRABMilligan University58:16:004
99Ellie MITCHELLColorado Mesa University59:25:004
105Mia ASELTINEColorado Mesa University59:41:004
1127Madelyn ROBERSONFort Lewis College1:01:144
1224Ruth HOLCOMBFort Lewis College1:02:214
1312Anna CHRISTIANSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta1:02:564
1411Sabrina HAYESFort Lewis College1:02:564
158Coralie LEVESQUEMarian University1:02:564
1638Marjorie BEMISMilligan University47:51:003
1728Lina DORSCHTLees-McRae College48:11:003
1816Brittany PARFFREYSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta48:40:003
1944Madysen RAILSLees-McRae College49:21:003
2031Maria DOERINGLees-McRae College49:36:003
2122Kelly LAWSONBrevard College49:41:003
2229Makayla MACPHERSONMilligan University49:42:003
2317Katy MCDICKENMarian University50:17:003
2413Ella DISHONGLindenwood University52:07:003
2510Callah ROBINSONMarian University52:16:003
2614Mia SCARLATOMarian University52:51:003
2743Genevieve PLUMMilligan University53:12:003
2815Jordan AUSTINLindenwood University53:41:003
2940Emma FREYMANNSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta54:40:003
3021Alijah BEATTYMarian University55:17:003
3146Kiley KRASLEYKing University55:27:003
3233Lauren DODGESavannah College of Art and Design - Savanna55:34:003
3326Dagny PALMERSavannah College of Art and Design - Savanna56:19:003
3420Tessa GREEPLindsey Wilson College57:51:003
3535Aunika KEMPLindenwood University1:01:043
3625Julia KWASNICKLindsey Wilson College1:02:563
3739Gwendolyn URBAINLindenwood University1:02:563
3837Staci MCCUDDENLindenwood University1:02:563
3936Gabrielle LEHNERTSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta1:02:563
4023Lucy FOSSMarian University1:02:563
4141Emily HARRISLindsey Wilson College50:07:002
DNF30Paige EDWARDSBrevard College2
DNS18Samantha RUNNELSSavannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta0
DNS32Carmen CHIRINOBrevard College0
DNS42Melissa GOMESLindenwood University0
DNS45Nicole BRADBURYBrevard College0

2022 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships Hartford Results: Collegiate Club Women

1101Katherine SARKISOVUniversity of Maryland1:02:004
2102Betty HASSEUniversity of Rhode Island48:42:003
3103Tori GLASCOCKRutgers University52:42:003
4107Isa NASCHOLDColorado State University55:01:003
5104Talia LOITERUniversity of Vermont55:24:003
6106Mary GORDONUniversity of Arizona1:01:373
7108Cassidy FROSTUniversity of Arizona1:02:563
8109Astrid SNELLBoston College49:14:002
9105Lindsey GROVESUniversity of Vermont50:24:002

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