JULY 25- Last year, Mad Alchemy presented the PRO Signature Line, embrocations inspired by the professional cyclocross racers that use their products.  In 2011, Mad Alchemy decided to take a slightly different approach by brewing limited edition embrocation blends inspired by some of, Mad Alchemy founder, Pete Smith’s favorite races.  CrossVegas was high on the list.

“First and foremost, I’m a cyclocross competitor and fan.  I’ve been fortunate enough to also make a living in the bicycle industry.  With the release of our CrossVegas Embrocation, I’m looking to show support for and bolster exposure of one of my favorite races on the calendar.”

“Early brainstorming sessions with’s Tim Johnson were pretty off the wall.  Everything from Bubble gum scent to stale scotch, glitter and champagne were discussed.  It was hilarious!” Smith explains.   The “theme” of the embrocation metamorphosed from a raw, glitzy embro reminiscent of the Las Vegas strip to pleasant non-warming Jasmine and Sage concoction, which is much more true to the actual race venue, Desert Breeze Park, sevem miles west.   Race Promoter, Brook Watts, played a big roll in defining the final scent.  After all, he’s spent countless hours in the park over the past five years, promoting the event.

Don’t worry, if it’s “off the wall” you’re after, Mad Alchemy has decided to affix a small glitter pouch to the top of each jar.  Stay shiny, Las Vegas!

CrossVegas takes place Wednesday evening September 14th following the first day of Interbike. Complete information available at

Available September 1st @ $19.95/120ml jar