We’ve got the UCI’s live video feed from the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships of the U23 Men’s race right here. But keep reading. It starts at 5 a.m. EST time. See the full Worlds schedule on Cyclocross Magazine’s World Championship page.

In the U23 race, five of the top eight from last year are returning, including the Dutch defending champ in Teunissen. Last year’s bronze medalist, Belgian Wout van Aert is looking for revenge (see our interview with him here). Yet first-year U23 Mathieu van der Poel, last year’s Junior World Champion in cyclocross and on the road, has been on a tear, winning U23 races including Diegem.

U23 USA Cycling National Champion Logan Owen (Bremerton, Wash./California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) was the lone auto qualifier for the U23 men’s race. Owen will be joined by four discretionary picks: Curtis White (Delanson, N.Y./Cannondale p/b Cyclocross, Yannick Eckmann (Boulder, Colo./California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized), Cody Kaiser (El Dorado Hills, Calif./California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized) and Tobin Ortenblad (Santa Cruz, Calif./California Giant Berry Farms-Specialized). See the full 2014 Cyclocross World Championships U23 Men’s Start List here.

Now for the important video details: In the U.S., Universal Sports owns the video rights to the UCI’s Cyclocross World Championships, but unfortunately you have to be a subscriber to enjoy the online and TV broadcasts, and many of us either don’t have cable or can’t even get the channel on our local cable (Comcast, among others). That means that for the biggest two days of the year, many of us are sadly S.O.L.

However, the UCI still provided a video feed for the 2014 Cyclocross World Championships to Cyclocross Magazine, and viewers not in the States can enjoy watching the feed above. Those within the States could get creative and try to look like you’re elsewhere (like Canada).

How? We’ve heard of people using a VPN or proxy server, or you can try the Hola extension for the Chrome Browser or Hola Android app, among others to attempt to watch the feed. Not that we condone such techniques, but we do condone watching the most important races of the year. Let the people watch cyclocross!

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