DJ Allez in Le Velo

DJ Allez in Le Velo.

Dig Europeans? Cycling? Clubbing? Baguettes as race snacks? Then you’ll love this.

In the fashion of MC SpandX’s “Get Dirty,” “Performance,” and the more serious “Bicycle,” filmmaker Robin Moore’s new alterego, MC Allez, brings us a European-esque techno number, “Le Velo.” In it, he jumps between “riding” in the clubs and “dancing” on the bike, breaking to eat baguettes and drink wine while pedaling – dressed in an all-white kit, of course. Just in time for Le Tour, we have the perfect vehicle for ribbing our roadie brethren.


If you’ve been missing the hilarity that comes naturally at a cyclocross race, this video will give you a taste of the good life.