Stetson-Lee takes the barriers in stride © Mark Colton

Teal Stetson-Lee takes the barriers in stride © Mark Colton

by Dave Sheek

Southern California UCI Weekend – Kross-toberfest Presented by Focus Bicycles, Day Two

It turned out to be a stirring weekend of competition in California. It was more than just racing this weekend and Bonelli park, San Dimas, California, turned out to be a great venue for the UCI weekend of racing, bike swap and more cycling advocacy events that promoter Dorothy Wong made happen. But the racing was the fastest seen in Southern California cyclocross and exciting for fans and park-goers to watch, thanks to the level of competition in town for the show. The stage had racers from four different countries in the Elite fields and a handful of successful U23s who showed their talent this weekend.

Elite Women:

In the women’s race it was Teal Stetson-Lee (California Giant-Specialized) who looked powerful and confident coming off her first Elite win from day one of the Kross-toberfest event. She led the women from the start on the newly routed course for the second day of racing. Devon Haskell (Bike Station Aptos) followed with Katrina Baumsteiger (Rambuski Law) and Barb Howe (Ibis) in fourth. Howe looked to quickly move up as Stetson-Lee slid out in the first lap, but she was passed in the mix-up by Sarah Maile (Ventana Bikes). Teal was up quickly and back on the group and it didn’t take long for Stetson-Lee and Haskell to dominate the front of the race again. Maile and Howe were on the chase, but in the end it was Teal Stetson-Lee again for the win and an emphatic stamp on the weekend.

Haskell took a comfortable second and Howe found herself alone with a small gap as she broke away from the chase to solo in for third. In fourth it was Carolyn Popovich ( who moved up in the field to grab fourth from Maile, who rounded out the top five.

Elite Men:

Summerhill takes the win in front of Jones © Kenneth Hill

Summerhill takes the win in front of Jones © Kenneth Hill

With Rapha-Focus rider Chris Jones still hungry after his mishap with rolled tires and Joachim Parbo (KCH Leopard Cycles) fresh off dominating the end of day one’s race for the win, it was no coincidence that these two were on the front at the beginning of the race. It was Parbo who took the lead after the fast road start and through the first lap, but he slipped back on lap two as Jones and Danny Summerhill (Garmin) took to the front. Parbo said later, “I knew the way I felt that I would not break anybody up front, so I allowed myself to drop back.” It was true that the course favored road racers as the final results revealed.

Summerhill  sat second wheel for a good porting of the day. He did some of the work, but he stayed up front while others set the pace. Early on Kelly Benefits rider Alexander Candelario took the lead from Jones and set the fastest pace of the race for a lap. But, Jones was looking strong; he went back up front and put down road-style attacks one after another. With about  30 minutes to go in the race, Jones and Summerhill broke off from the front group until the end.

Close behind it was another strong road racer, Jonathan Baker of the Hudz-Subaru team, who also had tire troubles the first day. Baker too wanted the win, but later explained he was very happy with third for the day. After Baker it was the talented U23 riders Jeremy Ferguson (California Giant/Specialized) with fourth and Zach Mcdonald (Rapha Focus) fifth as they just broke off their group in the last lap. They were second and third, respectively in today’s U23 standings behind Summerhill.

The racing was intense and close-fought throughout the top 10. The next group had Aaron Schooler (H&R Block), Tyler Wren (Boo Bicycles) and Craig Richey (

The weekend turned out great with warm weather, some showers that brought mud to SoCal cyclocross for the first time in two years, and well-planned courses. Overall it was a great experience to bring UCI racing to the West Coast with a field of international competition, and to see three U23 riders in the top five of the Elite men’s field, as it is a glimpse of the progression and future of US cyclocross.

Photo Gallery:

Women’s Results

Pos Bib Code U23 Name Team Nat Time Laps
1 117 USA19860524 STETSON-LEE Teal California Giant Berry Farms/ Specialized USA 37:59 5
2 114 USA19810103 HASKELL Devon Bike Station Aptos USA 38:57 5
3 111 USA19760109 HOWE Barbara Ibis and the Danger Twins USA 39:14 5
4 112 USA19780809 POPOVIC Carolyn USA 39:19 5
5 115 USA19780927 MAILE Sarah Ventana Mountain Bikes USA 39:21 5
6 129 USA19770518 THURSTON Emily R Missing Link USA 40:11 5
7 118 USA19830111 DIMPEL Courtney Bike Station Aptos USA 40:17 5
8 126 USA19801111 MANN Allison Team Rambuski Law USA 40:35 5
9 113 USA19651221 BAUMSTEIGER Katrina Rock N’ Road USA 40:45 5
10 120 USA19920810 * RYAN Kendall G Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster USA 40:54 5
11 116 USA19740930 JORDAN Sarah SDG Factory Team USA 41:59 5
12 125 USA19640415 CHANEY Beverly Team Roaring Mouse USA 42:08 5
13 121 USA19940818 * RYAN Alexis M Pablove Racing USA 42:44 5
14 119 USA19831005 SCHAPER Amanda The Team USA 43:13 5
15 130 USA19651113 WONG Dorothy The Team USA 44:16 5
16 128 USA19680324 PADILLA Annette The Team USA -1 lap 4
17 123 USA19921222 CRAWFORD Ivie Celo Pacific USA -1 lap 4

Men’s Results

Pos Bib Code U23 Name Team Nat Time Laps
1 12 USA19890213 * SUMMERHILL Daniel Garmin/Holowesko Partners USA 54:10 8
2 56 USA19790806 JONES Christopher Rapha Focus USA 54:13 8
3 50 USA19740316 BAKER Jonathan Hudz-Subaru USA 54:34 8
4 18 USA19900616 * FERGUSON Jeremy California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA 54:37 8
5 57 USA19910213 * MCDONALD Zach Rapha Focus USA 54:42 8
6 13 CAN19850620 SCHOOLER Aaron Team H&R Block CAN 54:43 8
7 17 USA19810304 WREN Tyler Boo Bicycles USA 54:54 8
8 14 CAN19840624 RICHEY Craig Cyclocrossracing.Com P/B Blue CAN 54:54 8
9 15 USA19871114 MCGRATH Adam Feedback Sports/Van Dessel Cyclocross USA 54:55 8
10 33 USA19770522 SNEAD Josh C Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster USA 55:04 8
11 34 USA19780924 O’DELL Aaron Bay 101/ Hrs/ Rock Lobster USA 55:09 8
12 30 USA19830409 CHAPIN Scott Hrs/Rocklobster USA 55:34 8
13 24 USA19920527 * KAISER Cody California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized USA 55:47 8
14 16 USA19760828 CAMERON Molly Portland Bicycle Studio USA 56:03 8
15 11 DEN19741118 PARBO Joachim Kch Leopard Cycles DEN 56:22 8
16 43 USA19830805 BABCOCK Sean Kona USA 56:31 8
17 35 USA19790816 GRITTERS Brandon Rock N Road Cyclery USA 56:50 8
18 28 USA19860313 SPITERI Frank Peninsula Velo/Pomodoro USA 56:51 8
19 39 USA19730526 BAILEY John Bailey Bikes USA 57:07 8
20 40 USA19850306 PETROV Anton A Sdg Factory Team USA 57:16 8
21 37 USA19790702 SIEGLE Jason Bike Religion USA 57:29 8
22 21 USA19680901 PRENZLOW Brent Celo Pacific/B+L Bikes USA 57:34 8
23 42 USA19710723 BEHRENS John Bailey Bikes USA 57:58 8
24 23 USA19630523 NOBLE Mark Franco Factory Team USA 58:15 8
25 54 USA19810227 WILLARD Ted W The Team USA 58:38 8
26 47 USA19770528 SYVERTSEN Brue De La Paz USA 58:43 8
27 64 USA19770619 CHRISTENSON Eric J Sdg Factory Team USA 58:47 8
28 25 AUS19800122 TABERLAY Sid Sho-Air/Specialized AUS 58:49 8
29 46 USA19910612 * RYAN Morgan The Team USA 59:02 8
30 53 USA19900303 * SCHMALZ Joseph D Kccx/Verge Presented By Challenge USA 59:19 8
31 62 USA19710417 FLORES JR Anastasiom USA 59:37 8
32 27 USA19800714 DODGE Benjamin L Bay 101/Hrs/Rock Lobster USA 59:55 8
33 36 USA19830609 COLTON Eric The Team USA 1:00:12 8
34 26 USA19750625 DOUVILLE Gary Platinum Performance USA -1 lap 7
35 44 USA19870605 YARRA Derek Box Dog Bikes USA -2 laps 6
36 52 USA19790908 MILLS Adam R Kccx/Verge Presented By Challenge USA -2 laps 6
37 45 USA19760520 SHEEK David Sdg Factory Team USA -2 laps 6
38 31 USA19720217 POSHARD Dean Rock Lobster USA -3 laps 5
39 41 USA19750512 BOTTGER Frederick Sdg Factory Team USA -3 laps 5
40 32 USA19781121 WERTENBRUCH Tyler Slo Nexus-Gym One USA -3 laps 5
41 63 USA19731211 KAUKOLA Daniel R USA -5 laps 3
DNF 48 USA19750226 CANDELARIO Alexander Kelly Benefit Strategies USA