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Atlanta, GA (August 13, 2014) – ProGold Lubricants has signed US Cyclo-cross national champion Katie Compton for the coming 2014-2015 ‘cross season.

“The major goals for the season are to win a third consecutive World Cup overall title, to win the US national title in Austin and to try to make that top step of the podium at Worlds,” said Compton. “Overall, I want to have a healthy and fun season. I love what I do and feel honored to represented ProGold Lubricants.”

Katie Compton signs with ProGold Lubricants. Photo Credit Mark Legg

Katie Compton signs with ProGold Lubricants. © Mark Legg

“We hope this partnership will help Katie to have a successful world-wide racing campaign this season and aim to help her win Worlds,” said Bruce Dickman of ProGold Lubricants.

Compton and her partner and mechanic Mark Legg will use ProGold products to keep her Trek bikes running smoothly in what are often infamously wet and muddy conditions during the ‘cross season.

“I’m really particular about my setup and racing cyclo-cross can be brutal on bikes,” said Compton, who has won 22 UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup rounds to date. “I can feel the smoothness in the chain when I use the ProGold Xtreme lube. There’s less vibration in the drivetrain, and it feels nice. When the bike feels nice, it’s easy to get into the flow of racing without distractions. Working with ProGold this season is a natural fit for us.”

ProGold’s Xtreme Lube is a chain lube for long distance and extreme off-road conditions. It bonds to metal surfaces and resists build-up and tackiness in addition to shedding water. While ProGold’s ProLink chain lube is good for everyday use on clear sunny days and in good conditions, less is more with ProGold’s Xtreme lube.

Compton will be using more than just ProGold’s proven, popular lubricants. The Blast Off Aerosol degreaser quickly cleans bike parts with no scrubbing by stripping away sticky grime and removing caked on debris with ease. Leaving behind no oily residue, Blast Off dries quickly and with no water rinsing as it deep cleans and flushes dirt, grime and grease away – perfect for use in pits at ‘cross races.

ProGold Foaming Citrus Degreaser, Degreaser + Wash and Chain Shine will help Legg deep clean Compton’s drivetrains after each race while the industrial strength ProGold Pro Towels come in handy for all sorts of cleaning purposes when travelling on the road.

“Right now, because I’m training in the hot weather here in Colorado I reach for the ProGold aerosol Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer every day. Helmets and shoes get sweaty and no-one likes to put a smelly helmet before they head out for a ride,” said Compton. “It’s super quick to use, I just grab the can as soon as I come in from a ride, a quick spray later and it’s nice and fresh again. I discovered it works well on shoes too, I can say it’s nice putting on a nice pair of citrus smelling shoes.”

Legg is the person who takes meticulous care of Compton’s equipment before, during and after races.

“Mark is excited to have the support of ProGold this year,” said Compton, “and I mean he is really excited. Having felt how well the ProGold products work, his excitement has rubbed off on me, too.”