Compton leading the 2008 World Championships. © Joe Sales

Last month we reported on how Katie Compton was seeking a bike sponsor for her upcoming mountain bike and cyclocross season. Now the five-time national champion has expanded her search to a new title sponsor to help fund her campaign to win a World Cup overall title as well as the World Championships.

Husband Mark Legg-Compton stresses the urgency of their search, telling Cyclocross Magazine, “The most successful U.S. cyclocross rider in history is without a sponsor and may have to skip the cyclocross season.”

While Compton has been making progress lining up equipment sponsors for her fall racing, she’s without title sponsor  Spike Shooter this year and is looking for a team or sponsor to help her achieve her racing goals and as well as the company’s marketing goals.

Interested parties can reach Mark Legg-Compton via our online community site.