Compton with game face on at Providence Day 2 2013. © Meg McMahon

Compton with game face on at Providence Day 2 2013. © Meg McMahon

Katie Compton was one of the favorites to win at Providence, but with a slow start to the season and battling illness, it was Katerina Nash who took the wins while Compton fought her way to third and second place finishes Saturday and Sunday respectively. Still, the World Cup Overall Champion from 2012 is feeling good about the season so far, and with the sensations there, she’s ready to head to Boulder and to Europe for the start of the World Cup season, gunning for another win. We caught up with her on Sunday and had a great chat: Compton’s positive energy and excitement about her new competition in the women’s field was great to see.

On the race… I think it just went off fast from the gun. I got a good start this time, I slotted in fourth, and Crystal Anthony had a bad crash and was out early. I was in the top there the whole time and so it was me, Katerina, Helen and Elle. Then just going the whole time, taking pulls, I made some attacks, and Katerina attacked a couple times at the top of the stairs. It was hard and fast! I think keeping the pace on, it broke up, Helen got gapped with a lap and a half to go or so, and Katerina attacked me a couple times and just opened up the gap. I think on one of the laps, I caught my toe. I came into it and was behind Katerina and had to change my pace so I clipped my toe. I almost fell on my face, it jacks my heart rate up… It was hard. It was good though!

On course choice… I like the technical part of it, it’s trickier, you have to be more careful pedaling through turns, accelerate at the right times. It’s different than racing the dry fast stuff. I like that too, I like all of it, but I’d prefer a little mud and some tricky sections.

On disc brakes… I have a love/hate. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I hate them. Today they were pretty good. They ran great.

On fitness… Technically and equipment-wise, it was fine. So it was my issue, I need to go faster. It’s the engine. Tires, wheels, brakes, bike, everything was dialed in, but the body needs to get dialed in. I’m feeling better. Every day is better, I feel like I’ve gotten that behind me and I just have to rest and train and slowly get better and be patient. It’s so easy to lose fitness and so hard to gain it. I have a lot to do and I know what I have to do so it’s a matter of waiting and hopefully it’ll come around. Soon enough.

On the season… I’m doing the Boulder races next weekend and then going to Europe for the first two World Cups, then come back for Cincinnati and Louisville. So it’s a big racing block coming up!

On rest… Resting is going to be when I’m not training or traveling, I’m going to be lying down. Feet up, reading, watching movies, relaxing a bit.

On mental game… I’m in a good place. I’m really positive. After going through a difficult summer and down time that every athlete goes through, racing, being out here, seeing everyone and just appreciating having good days on the bike and just enjoying it… I missed it. I’ve been so excited to race and watching racing online has been killing me. It’s so hard to watch. I want to be there, I want to be racing! So even if I’m not 100%, I love being out here and racing.

On the new competition… It’s good to see so many fast girls coming up! It’s night and day from last year to this year. It’s awesome. You have to think about the tactics and I think it’s more exciting too. We’ve got a lot of girls at the front.

On season goals… I’d like to win the overall World Cup again, and World Championships. It’s hard. We’ll see if I’m asking for too much this season.

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Stay tuned for a look at Compton’s bike!