Timothy Johnson on his way to the win. © Tom Olesnevich

Timothy Johnson on his way to the win. © Tom Olesnevich

by Jake Sisson , Ken Getchell

Southampton, NY –  Natasha Elliot (Louis Garneau) did just enough to clinch the 2009 NACT Title Belt at today’s first day of the Whitmore’s Landscaping Super Cross Cup today, while Tim Johnson led a crushing display by the Cannondale/ team to clinch the men’s title.

Johnson and Amy Dombroski (Schlamm p/b Clement & Primus Mootry) both took wins in the first day of racing in Southampton, besting the strong fields that made the trip out to the east end of Long Island.

Ryan Trebon (Kona/FSA Factory Team) took the early lead in the men’s race after passing current MAC points leader Valentin Scherz (Pro Cycles/Scott/Newwork).  Halfway into the first lap, a lead group of Trebon, Scherz, Chris Jones (Champion Systems), Josh Dillon (Richard Sachs/Watches/Radix), the Carl Decker and Adam Craig of Giant, and Cannondale/’s three musketeers (Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers and Jamey Driscoll) had separated from the rest of the field.

Trebon would spend the majority of the next twenty minutes driving the pace in an effort to break-up the Giant and Cannondale cartels.  Craig and Decker would be relegated to the chase group while Trebon tried to manage the minority side of a three-on-one break.

Johnson and his teammates took advantage of a bobble by rival Trebon at half way through the day’s racing action, pressing forward when the American Champion found himself in the course’s tall grass. Johnson, Powers and Driscoll went on the attack, with Johnson’s surges proving to be too much for first Driscoll then Powers.

Behind, Trebon consolidated his fourth position, where he would end the day, ahead of a spirited battle between Chris Jones (Champion Systems) and Adam Craig (Giant Factory Team). As the race drew to a close, Jones was able to ride Craig off his wheel, finishing up the day in fifth.

With his victory, Johnson extended his lead in the NACT overall standings to the point where it is now insurmountable regardless of the way day two turns out. Cannondale/ also completed their third NACT podium sweep of the season, with Powers holding out for second, ahead of Jamey Driscoll in third.

Amy Dombroski negotiates a tricky downhill off camber turn. © Tom Olesnevich

Amy Dombroski negotiates a tricky downhill off camber turn. © Tom Olesnevich

In the women’s event, Mary McConneloug (Kenda Tires/Seven Cyles/Stans No Tubes) took the holeshot but it would be Dombroski and Giant’s Kelli Emmett who were the day’s two main protagonists.

The fast course led to tight and tactical racing.  Even though rain on Friday left portions of the course slightly slippery, it was a super-highway compared to the muddy conditions that has been the norm on the East Coast this for most of this season.  While the chase riders would split and regroup throughout the race, Emmett and Dombroski battled for the lead with Dombroski looking like the rider with the most horsepower.

Dombroski’s early attacks left the field strung out across the course, with only Emmett able to hang on. Dombroski would attack at will, but each time, Emmett was able to claw her way back. Emmett and Dombroski hit the finish line together with one to go when Dombroski made her final attack.  Having spent too much energy chasing down Dombroski earlier in the race, Emmett was left to second place, as Dombroski took home a major win.

Behind, Georgia Gould (Luna) overcame a slow start to move her way up through the field to third. A sprint out of a group for fourth saw Laura Van Gilder (C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes) outpace McConneloug. Elliot’s 18 points for her sixth place was just enough to claim the $1,500 NACT season bonus.

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Full Results:

Elite Men:

1 Timothy Johnson (USA) Cannondale/ 0:59:24
2 Jeremy Powers (USA) Cannondale/ 0:00:29
3 James Driscoll (USA) Cannondale/ 0:00:40
4 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona-FSA Cyclocross Team 0:01:19
5 Christopher Jones (USA) Champion Systems 0:01:37
6 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Factory Team 0:01:44
7 Mike Garrigan (Can) 0:02:27
8 Derrick St John (Can)
9 Carl Decker (USA) Giant Factory Team 0:02:55
10 Valentin Scherz (Swi) Pro Cycles-Scott-Newwork 0:03:15
11 Joshua Dillon (USA) RGM Watches – Richard Sachs – Radix 0:03:51
12 Tyler Trace (Can) 0:04:20
13 Shannon Skeritt (USA) 0:04:37
14 Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) C3 – Athletes Serving Athletes
15 Michael Broderick (USA)
16 Peter Bradshaw (USA) 0:05:54
17 Ryan Dewald (USA)
18 Kevin Hulick (USA)
19 Lisban Quintero Blandon (Col)
20 Chris Hurst (USA)
21 Patrick Bradley (USA)
22 Kirt Fitzpatrick (USA)
23 Kevin Noiles (Can)
24 John Burns (USA)
25 Pavel Gonda (Cze)
26 Christopher Hamlin (USA)
27 Andrew Crooks (USA)
28 Rickey Visinski (USA)
29 Gavin Mannion (USA)
30 Colin Reuter (USA)
31 Zachary Adams (USA)
32 Myles Romanow (Can)

Elite Women

1 Amy Dombroski (USA) Schlamm p/b Clement & Primus Mootry 0:39:21
2 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant Factory Team 0:00:20
3 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna 0:01:03
4 Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 Athletes Serving Athletes 0:01:10
5 Mary Mcconneloug (USA) Kenda – Seven – NoTubes 0:01:13
6 Natasha Elliott (Can)
7 Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) MM Racing p/b Seven Cycles
8 Andrea Smith (USA) Minuteman Road Club 0:02:47
9 Sara Bresnick (USA) 0:03:27
10 Anna Barensfeld (USA) Minuteman Road Club
11 Lyne Bessette (Can) October Factory Team 0:04:18
12 Linnea Koons (USA) October Factory Team 0:04:48
13 Sally Annis (USA) 0:05:23
14 Anna Young (USA) 0:05:31
15 Perri Mertens (Aus) 0:05:57
16 Christina Tamilio (USA) 0:06:36
17 Emma Bast (USA)
18 Natalia Gardiol (USA)
19 Amy Breyla (USA)
20 Andrea Luebbe (USA)