This fall, Cyclocross Magazine is providing free publicity for free clinics. Attendees of the Jingle Cross World Cup weekend will have a special opportunity to learn how to ride the course from Helen Wyman, Jonathan Page and Tim Johnson on Saturday, September 16. Read this release for more information about the clinic. 

IOWA CITY, Iowa—Amateur cyclocross racers will have the chance to learn from the best during a free clinic at this year’s Jingle Cross Cyclocross Festival.

Helen Wyman, Tim Johnson and Jonathan Page will lead the cyclocross clinic at 12:30 p.m. Saturday, September 16 and will offer tips and advice on skills such as choosing a line, barriers, dismounting and remounting and how to approach other features on a course.

“The Jingle Cross course has so many interesting features that it’s tough to work out the best lines,” said Wyman, a nine-time United Kingdom and two-time European cyclocross champion. Wyman, who won the in Iowa City of Friday night last year is also a fan favorite at Jingle Cross. “So come join Tim and Jonathan and me for a pre-ride of the course. We’ll show you the way to read a course and get the most from your race.”

Helen Wyman will be helping host a free clinic on Saturday, September 16. photo: courtesy

The only requirements to participate in the clinic are a bike, a helmet and a positive attitude.

“Taming Mt. Krumpit takes skill and luck, and hopefully between Helen, and Jonathan, and me, we can share some secrets to unlocking the course’s best—and worst—features for riders of all categories,” said Johnson, a former professional road and cyclocross cyclist and one of only three male riders from the U.S. to reach the UCI Cyclocross World Championships podium.

In addition to participating in the clinic, Johnson will ride with cyclists on the Clif-Jingle Cross gravel grinder at 8 a.m. Sunday, September 17. He also will serve as the official color commentator for the World Cup races on Sunday.

Sunday's Jingle Cross Cyclocross race in Iowa City, Iowa November 17, 2013

Sunday’s Jingle Cross Cyclocross race in Iowa City, Iowa November 17, 2013. photo: courtesy

Page calls Jingle Cross a “true cyclocross course that not only burns your legs and your lungs, but also tests your skills.”

Page is a four-time national cyclocross champion and silver medalist at the World Championships in 2007 who is no stranger to the Jingle Cross course. His race resume has earned him the recognition as America’s most successful cyclocross racer of all time on the international stage. He is racing in his final season as a professional this year.

During the clinic, Page says the course will be broken into sections, with the three pros going over the skills riders will need in that particular section.

“To get to the top of Mt. Krumpit efficiently, the rider should shoulder the bicycle,” he says. “That is the skill we are going to master at the clinic.”

Jonathan Page will help riders master shouldering their bike at the free Jingle Cross clinic. © B. Hazen / Cyclocross Magazine