The start of the Elite Men's race at day 2 of Jingle Coss. © Ken Sherman

The start of the Elite Men’s race at day 2 of Jingle Coss. © Ken Sherman

by David Mable
Day 2 of Jingle Cross, the potential future 2016 UCI Cyclocross World Cup, proved to be an action-packed nail-biter in the men’s race, while the women’s race marked the start of perhaps another impressive winning streak for Katerina Nash.

Mother Nature delivered on her promise of unpredictable weather for the Iowa City race. On Saturday, instead of snow and ice, relatively warm mud greeted the racers for the UCI C1 racing.

Powers’ Dominance Tested

Logan Owen (Giant California Berry Farms/Specialized) arrived at the gun show with all barrels blazing, but Stephen Hyde (Cannondale/pb Cyclocross World) and Jeremy Powers (Rapha/Focus) fired right back. From early in the race, the threesome put distance on the chasing pack, which quickly strung out on the muddy course, climbing the infamous Mt. Krumpit twice per lap.

Logan Owen leads Jeremy Powers and Stephen Hyde around the muddy course at day 2 of Jingle Cross. © Ken Sherman

Logan Owen leads Jeremy Powers and Stephen Hyde around the muddy course at day 2 of Jingle Cross. © Ken Sherman

Throughout the hour-long race, Owen continued to attack, sometimes distancing his two companions, and at times, dragging one of them along the muddy, technical course. In the end, however, it wasn’t enough for the U23 National Champion.

Powers, the reigning Elite Men’s National Champion, pulled away with a huge effort with one lap remaining, and neither Hyde nor Owen were able to close the gap before the finish.

Powers won the C-1 second day of Jingle Cross, with Owen finishing a handful of seconds behind and Hyde taking third shortly after.

“It was a very good race out there,” said Powers. “Definitely muddy conditions which made racing pretty interesting. It was a very long race — you had to play your cards right and wait it out. You couldn’t go from the gun — a 70-minute race, you knew it was going to go down to the last lap.”

Nash Back to Her Winning Ways

After her impressive 2015/2016 season’s undefeated streak came to an end on Friday at Day 1 of Jingle Cross because of a shoe mechanical forcing her to finish with just one shoe, Katerina Nash (Luna Pro Team) returned to dominance on Saturday. The Truckee, California-based Czech racer, despite planning to skip Worlds this year, has won every cyclocross race she entered until Friday, including the CrossVegas World Cup.

Katerina Nash put some distance between herself and the rest of the competition to finish solo at day 2 of Jingle Cross. © Ken Sherman

Katerina Nash put some distance between herself and the rest of the competition to finish solo at day 2 of Jingle Cross. © Ken Sherman

At Jingle Cross, Nash kept out of trouble, and soloed away from a strong field to take the top step of the podium on day-two of the three day race. “I had a good smooth ride, a couple little mistakes, but I felt strong,” said Nash. “The course was challenging, but I like it all — I like the mud. It’s part of cyclocross — I hate the clean up afterwards, but racing in it’s fun.”

Behind her Caroline Mani (Raleigh/Clement), Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) and Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale/pb Cyclocross World) battled for the remaining podium spots.

Mani managed to pull away from Compton for a repeat of their Friday night battle results— Mani taking second and Compton third. Antonneau maintained her distance on the rest of the field, coming in fourth.

2015 Jingle Cross Day 2 Results - Elite Men

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
11Jeremy POWERSRapha Focus1:08:449:387
231Logan OWENCalifornia Giant / Specialized1:08:479:407
38Stephen HYDECannondale P/B Cyclocrossworld.1:09:2910:237
410James DRISCOLLRaleigh Clement1:11:4310:347
524Kerry WERNERRaliegh Clement1:12:0610:347
632Jonathan PAGEFuji1:12:3710:587
733Andrew DILLMANCyclocross Network Racing P/B M1:13:0910:387
899Travis LIVERMONMock Orange Bikes Pro Cx Team P1:13:1510:357
938Adam CRAIGGiant Factory Off-Road Team1:13:2910:287
1034Allen KRUGHOFFNoosa Pro Cyclocross Team1:13:5311:027
1142Todd WELLSSpecialized1:14:0711:067
1241Brian MATTERMomentum Endurance Coaching1:14:4010:467
1347Benjamin SONNTAGTeam Clif Bar1:14:5110:357
1440Lance HAIDETRaliegh Clement1:15:0911:017
1535Tobin ORTENBLADCalifornia Giant / Specialized1:15:2211:137
1639Cody KAISERLangetwins / Specialized1:16:2011:317
1772Isaac NEFF5Nines/Motorless Motion Bicycle1:16:3411:087
1845Tristan SCHOUTENRolf Prima/Atitude Sports1:18:1111:477
1930Dan TIMMERMANStanS Notubes Elite Cx1:18:3713:557
2044Casey HILDEBRANDTThe Underground Project1:20:2113:187
2146Carl DECKERGiant55:57:0011:215
2243Brannan FIXAlpha Bicycle Co.-Vista Subaru56:21:0011:415
2349Jake WELLSStanS Notubes Elite Cx56:49:0011:335
2437Robert MARIONAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team56:49:0012:045
2562Steve TILFORD57:00:0011:345
2679Spencer WHITTIERPrivateer Cyclocross Chattanoog57:01:0011:455
2766Steven STEFKOFirst City Cycling Team P/B Noo57:13:0011:465
2869Kolben PREBLEClif Bar Development Cross Team58:31:0011:575
2971Andrew LOAIZAThump Cycling P/B Turin58:55:0012:255
3060Kevin MCCONNELLUniversity Of Iowa Heart And Va1:00:3514:095
3174Travis BRAUNRevolution Cycles Madison47:00:0011:444
3263Dallas FOWLERKuhl Midwest48:13:0012:004
3361Matthew ALLENLgr/ Tonka Cycle And Ski48:23:0012:424
3465Connor DILGERAbove And Beyond Cancer P/B Sch48:39:0012:144
3568Abe GOORSKEYAmerican Classic Pro Cx Team36:53:0012:263
3667Clayton OTTOLindenwood University37:55:0012:503
DNF36Troy WELLSTeam Clif Bar11:003
DNF64Alex MARTINRevolution Cycles11:351
DNF80Dominic TALERICOFoundry Cycles12:072
DNF70Braden KAPPIUSTeam Clif Bar1:01:321
DNS76Evan HARTIGCredite Velo Trek2:321
DNS48Peter GLASSFORDTrek Canada2:321
DNS75Brian STABYCx Nation3:251
DNS81John THOMPSONMt. Borah Epic Team3:251
DNS73Joseph SCHMALZUci Ct: Hincapie Racing3:251

2015 Jingle Cross Day 2 Results - Elite Women

RankBibNameAffiliationTimeSplit TimeLaps
177Katerina NASHLuna Pro Team45:19:0011:114
218Caroline MANIRaleigh Clement45:48:0011:154
37Katherine COMPTONTrek Factory Racing45:58:0011:504
44Kaitlin ANTONNEAUCannondale Pb Cyclocrossworld.C46:44:0011:394
52Rachel LLOYDCalifornia Giant / Specialized47:20:0011:534
61Courtenay MCFADDENAmerican Classic/Zones47:41:0012:024
720Crystal ANTHONYBoulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo48:13:0012:064
824Amanda MILLERBoulder Cycle Sport/Yogaglo48:31:0012:054
922Elle ANDERSONSram / Strava48:37:0012:034
1015Sunny GILBERTMichelob Ultra/Big Shark49:09:0012:094
1112Meredith MILLERNoosa Pro Cyclocross Team49:34:0012:224
125Rebecca FAHRINGERAmy D. Foundation50:17:0012:344
1326Caitlyn VESTALFeedback Sports Racing50:36:0012:344
1423Cassandra MAXIMENKOVan Dessel/Ism/Powerbar/Challen51:06:0012:294
1527Ally STACHERStanS Notubes Elite Cx51:56:0012:564
1625Laurel RATHBUNRaliegh Clement52:09:0013:004
1730Megan CHINBURG52:11:0013:024
183Beth Ann ORTONKona52:21:0012:434
1935Carol Jeane SANSOMEFoundry Cycles52:28:0013:094
2031Tricia FLEISCHERTenspeed Hero52:48:0013:034
2111Therese RHODESLiv Giant Australia / Port Adel53:07:0013:224
2234Emma SWARTZTrek Cyclocross Collective53:42:0013:334
2346CISEK Corey COOGANPower Fix Cx54:13:0013:294
2452Danielle ARMANTenspeed Hero54:17:0013:234
2549Jennifer NOWLINThe Fix Studio54:46:0013:164
2641Megan BARRAngry Catfish Bicycle + Coffee55:19:0013:544
2729Hannah FINCHAMPLuna Pro Team56:11:0014:224
2845Alijah BEATTYNorthstar Development56:30:0014:214
2948Gina ESTEPGroup Health56:37:0014:124
3036Anya MALARSKIJetcycling/Power Fix42:50:0014:143
3153Kristal BONIRapidracing42:50:0014:153
3237Ashley ZOERNERAlpha Bicycle Company Vista Sub29:10:0014:572
3347Paula BURKSPeachtree Bikes29:36:0014:422
3444Amanda SCHAAPSpeed Merchants P/B Wynalda Pac30:28:0015:132
3556Katherine STREMPKEJetcycling30:41:0015:202
3654Antonia LEALPlanet Bike30:43:0014:552
3757Vanessa CURTISUniversity Of Iowa Heart And Va30:49:0015:072
3891Diedre RIBBENSGpcx On The Dl31:53:0015:562
3940Claire SHURTZEndorphin Fitness/ Bon Secours34:56:0017:572
DNF55Stacy KALEMKIARIANThe Fix Studio14:481
DNS32Teal STETSON-LEEScott 3Rox17:001
DNS43Sydney BROWNGoldenrod Pastries Cx17:001