Swiss rider Johan Jacobs, shown here at a World Cup over Iserbyt and Andreassen, took the final leg today. © Bart Hazen/Cyclocross Magazine

Swiss rider Johan Jacobs, shown here at a World Cup over Iserbyt and Andreassen, took the final leg today at Middelkerke. © Bart Hazen/Cyclocross Magazine

Swiss Rider Johan Jacobs won the eighth and final round of the Superprestige at Middelkerke. Eli Iserbyt, the current Belgian Junior national champion and runner up at the 2015 Cyclocross World Championship in Tabor, was already guaranteed the overall victory of the Superprestige series with an incredible performance of seven wins in a row this season. An eighth win would have sealed a perfect showing in the series, but Jacobs once again proved himself as a capable underdog.

As with in Tabor, the bulk of Iserbyt’s problems came from his bike, only this time he struggled with his chain instead of his tire selection. After the race, he explained the problems to Vier: “I think I wasted at least 20 to 25 seconds near the start. I then had to play catch, and that took a lot of strength. ”

Jacobs pounced on the opportunity with Thijs Wolsink in tow. Not wanting the race to come down to a sprint, the Swiss rider put in a few attacks in the last lap, and was able to create a sizable gap over Wolsink. Iserbyt, meanwhile, worked his way through the field, gaining time on the leaders. Jacobs was able to keep him in check, in particular with the Swiss rider’s ability to hop the barriers, a rarity for juniors. Iserbyt was never able to get in enough time back on Jacobs, although he managed to overtake Wolsink on the last lap, propelling the Belgian to second place.

2015 Middelkerke Superprestige, Junior Race

1Johan JACOBSSUI1839:05:00
2Eli ISERBYTBEL1839:34:00
3Max GULICKXNED1839:43:00
4Thijs WOLSINKNED1740:19:00
5Alessio DHOOREBEL1740:30:00
6Briek HERMANSBEL1840:41:00
7Jappe JASPERSBEL1740:47:00
8Jarne DRIESENBEL1740:54:00
9Maik VAN DER HEIJDENNED1841:08:00
10Victor VANDEBOSCHBEL1741:19:00
11Jenko BONNEBEL1841:23:00
12Han DEVOSBEL1841:28:00
13Tijl PAUWELSBEL1741:43:00
14Jari DE CLERCQBEL1741:45:00
15Alex COLMANBEL1741:46:00
16Seppe ROMBOUTSBEL1741:53:00
17Gert SMETSBEL1842:06:00
18Simon JAECQUESBEL1842:17:00
19Thomas VERHEYENBEL1842:30:00
20Reno BAUTERSBEL1742:40:00
21Jens QUARTIERBEL1842:49:00
22Stefano MUSEEUWBEL1842:53:00
23Mart MUSKENSNED1842:53:00
24Jorn MONTAIGNEBEL1843:11:00
25Liam HELSOCHTBEL1843:29:00
26Dennis BLOMMENBEL1743:48:00
27Laurens COUCKUYTBEL1744:27:00
28Jebbe MAENEBEL1846:10:00
29Gregory QUINTYNBEL1746:26:00
30Jesse DE VEIRMANBEL1746:54:00