New kids on the block Issue 23

This article originally appeared in Issue 23 of Cyclocross Magazine and highlights eight of the up-and-comers who took the season by storm, winning race after race and putting keeping the “old guard” of US cyclocross on their toes. We interviewed each of them to find out how they got into cycling and what made them catapult to cyclocross fame so quickly. To read the full story, make sure you get an archived copy or an All-Access Digital Subscription by visiting our subscription site.

While the “old guard” in cyclocross is standing strong—think Katie Compton, Jeremy Powers, Meredith Miller, Tim Johnson, Ryan Trebon, and even young racers like Kaitie Antonneau who’ve been on the pro scene for years—there has been a surge of up-and-comers sneaking their way onto podiums across the country this year. We wanted to take this issue, before Nationals and Worlds team selec- tion, to look at these new faces.

At Cyclocross Magazine, we’re proud of our track record: Before this year, we’d already profiled Arley Kemmerer and Elle Anderson in the Quick and Dirty interview section of past issues as racers to watch. For this issue, there were so many racers that it was hard to choose, so we’ll be continuing this series online as well.

The racers:

1st, Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup Day 2
1st, Day 1 and 2 at Gran Prix of Gloucester
2nd, Day 1 at Providence
1st, Day 2 at Gateway Cross Cup

1st, Day 2 at Charm City
3rd, Day 1 at Charm City
5th, Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 2

2nd, StarCrossed CX
7th, Day 1 and 2 at Gran Prix of Gloucester
3rd, Day 1 and 2 at Gateway Cross Cup

U23 National Champion, 2013
3rd, Trek Cyclocross Collective Cup Day 2
6th, Day 2 at Gran Prix of Gloucester

ARLEY KEMMERER, C3-Twenty20 Cycling Co.
1st, Nittany Lion Cross Day 2
2nd, Charm City Cyclocross Day 1
3rd, Cycle-Smart International Day 1
15th, Valkenburg World Cup

RAPHAEL GAGNE, Rocky Mountain
3rd, Providence Cyclocross Festival Day 2
1st, Day 1 and 2 at Ellison Park Cyclocross
1st, Day 1 at Cycle-Smart International
2nd, Day 2 at Cycle-Smart International

2nd, Day 1 and 2 at Green Mountain Cyclocross
10th, CrossVegas
4th, Day 1 and 2 at Cycle-Smart International

STEVE FISHER, Raleigh/HiFi Wheels
6th, China UCI Cyclocross
1st, MFG Series Races 2, 3, and 4

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