Maghalie Rochette originally hails from Ste-Adèle, Quebec, where she grew up speaking French as her first language and English as her second.

A few years back at Jingle Cross, Dave Mable suggested the idea of an interview in French with the Québécoise cyclocross star. Since English is her second language, she said yes to the chance to talk about the sport she loves in the language she knows best.

It took Mable several years of studying French to get a big enough lexicon for the interview, and last weekend at Jingle Cross he finally made it happen.

Mable interviewed Rochette about her background in cyclocross and the successful season she is having thus far with her CX Fever p/b Specialized program.

For U.S. readers who slept through French class in high school, Rochette was also grateful enough to provide her answers in English.

Featured image: Jeff Corcoran

Interview: Maghalie Rochette (French)

Interview: Maghalie Rochette (English)