Katie Compton (KFC Racing) is nearing the end of her season with one more weekend of European UCI racing left on the calendar (Leuven and Oostmalle), but she’s not slowing down yet. Compton took a close second behind Sanne Cant last Sunday in Hulst at the Vestingcross Brico Cross race, on a course she really enjoyed.

Cyclocross Magazine’s European correspondent Christine Vardaros, who also raced the event, jumped into a telephone booth after her race to swap her racing helmet for her reporter hat and caught up with Compton for a meaty interview that covered quite a lot.

Compton talked about her race, her big European plans for the 2017/2018 season, the solution to her well-documented leg cramps, gearing choices and more.

Have a watch below.

Katie Compton Interview: On Gearing, Folic Acid, Worlds, European plans and more: