Cyclocross Magazine’s Megan Archer caught up with a first-time spectator at the 2017 Cyclocross World Championships in Bieles, Luxembourg to hear his opinion on the course conditions, the spectator experience, and some of his favorites for the races.

 “It’s nice to be now here as a spectator and see what cyclocross is on this side of the barrier.” -Sven Nys

The spectator experience at Worlds wasn’t the only new experience for the legend Sven Nys, but also the conditions, at least for this season.

“This is something we never saw this season. It’s just on the limit [of] frozen and not frozen but it starts to rain now, it’s even difficult to stand up now, just here as a person. It’s extremely difficult to ride your bike in [these] circumstances, but it’s going to be interesting, it’s going to be fun. This is cyclocross.”

Nys has so far been correct in his predictions, picking Tom Pidcock in the Junior Men’s race. Will he be right about Mathieu van der Poel tomorrow? Tune in right here and watch the live 2017 Cyclocross World Championships racing to find out.

Have a watch in the interview below.


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