by  Michael Riley & Ted Burns

Stephen Hyde ( and Crystal Anthony (Boulder Cycle Sport-Yogaglo) won the Elite Men’s and Women’s UCI C2 race on the second day of racing at the Trek CXC Cup in Waterloo, WI. Hyde spent most of the race recovering from a series of falls to beat Allen Krughoff (Noosa Pro Cyclocross) in a sprint finish, while Anthony took charge early in the first lap of the women’s race and held for the win.

Elite Men

After a second place finish in yesterday’s C1 race, Stephen Hyde spent the entirety of the second day of racing chasing a lead group composed of Krughoff, Kerry Werner (Raleigh-Clement), Dan Timmerman (Stans NoTubes), and Brian Matter (KS Energy Services).

Hyde ran into trouble early in the race but maintained his composure and kept chipping away at the leaders to stay in contention.

“I think I laid on the ground maybe three times today,” Hyde said. “I slid out once and on another Kerry [Werner] slid out in front of me and we got tangled up. It was funny. Our bikes were very intertwined and we were both tugging on them until I paused and took breath.”

Trek CXC Cup, Day Two. © Leman Northway

Trek CXC Cup, Day Two. © Leman Northway

Halfway through the race Krughoff separated from the lead group and spent several laps off the front with a 10 second lead.

On the second to last lap, Hyde went straight past Dan Timmerman and moved into second place behind Krughoff. Hyde then made contact with Krughoff and the game of cat and mouse began. The last lap featured Hyde and Krughoff trading two second leads.

“Hyde made a big effort to come up to me and I knew he was going to get across,” Krughoff said. “He is flying right now. I started dialing it back because I knew he would catch me and we would have a sprint.”
The finish came down to a two-man duel between Krughoff and Hyde. On the final turn down the straightaway, Krughoff opted to take the right side of the lane to limit Hyde’s chances at getting by him. Hyde made a quick move on the inside and was able to pass with inches between the railing and Krughoff’s handlebars.

“[Hyde] came up inside when I was closing it down,” Krughoff said. “It was probably the nice thing to do and not shut the door completely and put him into the fence.”

Hyde sprinted in for the win, with Krughoff in second. Dan Timmerman, Brian Matter and Jamey Driscoll filled out the remainder of the top five.

Elite Women

Crystal Anthony took advantage of the course’s technical features and moved to the front of the race halfway through the first lap. Once at the front Anthony took charge of her own destiny and jumped away from the field.

“I got a gap on the first lap through one of the technical sections,” Anthony said. “I just attacked from there before I really knew what I was doing. Then I think I had like 15 seconds and thought that was worth going for it and just tried to ride my race.”

Trek CXC Cup, Day Two. © Leman Northway

Trek CXC Cup, Day Two. © Leman Northway

Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) fell out of contention early in the race after making several bike changes in an attempt to dial in her tire pressure. Compton ultimately finished outside the top ten, but after a rough weekend she was already looking ahead towards the Valkenberg World Cup on October 18th.

Behind Anthony the main chase group of the day was driven by Caroline Mani (Raleigh-Clement) who towed around Kaitlin Antonneau ( and Amanda Miller (Boulder Cycle Sport-Yogaglo) in the closing laps of the race.

“I didn’t feel so awesome at the beginning of the race so I think I needed time to get back,” Mani said. “I didn’t get a good start but I guess it’s because I didn’t feel great. It was good for her [Anthony] because she just went and I tried to close the gap. I would need one more lap maybe to get up to her, but I’m pretty happy with second.”

Antonneau rounded out the podium in third, followed by Amanda Miller in fourth and Sunny Gilbert (Michelob Ultra-Big Shark Racing) in fifth.

More Photos to come from Leman Northway. For more of his photos from other cycling events:

2015 Trek CXC Elite Women, Day Two

1Crystal ANTHONYUSA3542:27:00
2Caroline MANIFRA2842:34:00
3Kaitlin ANTONNEAUUSA2342:42:00
4Amanda MILLERUSA2943:23:00
5Sunny GILBERTUSA3643:41:00
6Meredith MILLERUSA4243:59:00
7Amanda NAUMANUSA2644:19:00
8Ellen NOBLEUSA2044:40:00
9Laurel RATHBUNUSA1944:54:00
10Anna SCHAPPERTCAN2445:16:00
11Jessica CUTLERUSA3645:47:00
12Meghan KOROLUSA3145:59:00
13Katherine COMPTONUSA3746:27:00
14Corey COOGAN CISEKUSA3846:28:00
15Carol Jeane SANSOMEUSA4046:28:00
16Jenna BLANDFORDUSA3146:34:00
17Abby STRIGELUSA3246:38:00
18Cooper DENDELUSA2446:38:00
19Jennifer NOWLINUSA4046:40:00
20Megan BARRUSA2846:43:00
21Rebecca BLATTUSA3547:00:00
22Laura WINBERRYUSA3147:06:00
23Nicole MERTZUSA2847:21:00
24Rebecca GROSSUSA3547:25:00
25Katherine SANTOSUSA1847:33:00
26Emma SWARTZUSA1847:51:00
27Danielle SMITHUSA2548:00:00
28Stacy KALEMKIARIANUSA3048:09:00
29Rosemary PENTAUSA3648:42:00
30Vanessa CURTISUSA3848:43:00
31Diedre RIBBENSUSA2848:46:00
32Alijah BEATTYUSA1649:53:00
33Maria LarkinIRL2850:24:00
34Corrie KARASUSA2151:27:00
35Mackenzie WOODRINGUSA3651:29:00

2015 Trek CXC Elite Men, Day Two

1Stephen HYDEUSA281:01:03
2Allen KRUGHOFFUSA311:01:04
3Dan TIMMERMANUSA351:01:16
4Brian MATTERUSA371:01:36
5James DRISCOLLUSA291:02:04
6Troy WELLSUSA311:02:27
7Kerry WERNERUSA241:02:38
8Craig RICHEYCAN311:02:59
9Mitchell HOKEUSA271:03:29
10Eric THOMPSONUSA261:03:29
11Jake WELLSUSA371:03:45
12Tristan SCHOUTENUSA331:04:14
14Ian MCPHERSONUSA201:04:28
15Philip SHORTUSA241:04:31
16Jacob LASLEYUSA381:05:00
17Danick VANDALECAN201:05:13
18Dan TEATERSUSA311:05:48
19Skyler MACKEYUSA201:06:02
20Maxx CHANCEUSA191:06:40
21Micah MORANUSA331:06:48
22Chris DRUMMONDUSA331:07:02
23Travis BRAUNUSA301:07:12
24Ian MCSHANEUSA181:07:32
25Dominic TALERICOUSA321:08:16
26David SHEEKUSA441:08:33
27Casey HILDEBRANDTUSA211:09:03
32Mathew ALLENUSA34
34Alexander MARTINUSA25