(Boulder, CO) Hüdz, Subaru and the Vista Auto Group are pleased to announce their support of a 10-person Elite cyclocross team for the 2009-10 season. The team is managed by 303 Racing, LLC in Boulder, Colorado and features Jon Baker, Chuck Coyle, Matt Pacocha, Colby Pearce, and Brad White on the men’s team, and Lauren Hall, Lara Kroepsch, Rebecca Much, Emily Van Meter and Wendy Williams on the women’s squad. In conjunction with the Elite team, Hüdz-Subaru will also be organizing a National Grass-Roots Program designed to offer support to crossers of all levels.

“It really is ambitious for a first year program,” said Hüdz owner Lance Johnson, co-director of the team, “But with a partner like Subaru and the Vista Auto Group (which also runs a successful road team) we have a wealth of experience to draw from. Plus, when we were able to attract such an incredible group of racers we decided to just put our head down and go for it.” The team will be co-directed by racer Chuck Coyle, himself a 9-year veteran pro racer for teams like Nutra-Fig, Successful Living, and currently the Subaru-Vista Auto Group road team.

The Grass-Roots Program capitalizes on the sponsor relationships that the elite team has been able to build and provides support for racers just getting into the sport, or looking for additional support to move up through the ranks. “It’s really all about bringing more riders to ‘cross,” said Coyle, “It’s a sport that is growing like crazy and the opportunity to be a part of that is really exciting.” Grass-Roots members will be able to take advantage of discounts from team sponsors Blue Competition Bicycles, Hüdz, TRP, Rudy Project, Veloce Speedwear, and others.

“Admittedly we started this process late, but when you are able to find a partner that is as committed to cycling as Subaru you are way ahead of the game. The relationships that Vista Auto Group has brought to the team have also been invaluable,” said Johnson. “We’re here to build a sustainable program that can help elite riders reach their goals and to see that the up-and-comers stick with the sport and become the next generation of elites.”

“The Grass-Roots Program is also a big focus,” said Coyle. “In a perfect world it would serve as a feeder program to the Elite team and we would be able to see riders come up from the beginner ranks to watch them compete at a world-class level. Of course, as much as anything finding the right people to support is key – you want riders who don’t just put up good results, they are good people too. As a sponsor it’s just as important, maybe more so, that your riders are well respected and well regarded by their peers, particularly at that level.” Hüdz-Subaru will be accepting applications for the Grass-Roots Program through September 15th, 2009.

For more information on the Hüdz-Subaru cyclocross team visit For information on the Grass-Roots Program email [email protected].