LOENHOUT, BELGIUM – On a muddy, rainy day that did not disappoint fans of Azencross, Sanne Cant again proved she belongs among the best in the world by outsprinting Nikki Harris for the win at the GVA Bbost Bank Trophee at Loenhout. The young Belgian champion had marked Katie Compton early in the race, and was the only rider to stay with the American champion in the opening rounds. World Champion Marianne Vos crashed early, and never regained contact with the leaders, finishing in fifth. As Compton and Cant raced around the course, Harris and Katerina Nash were in close pursuit, and a bobble by Compton, which stopped both her and Cant in their tracks, allowed the two chasers to catch back on.

As they came onto one of the many muddy straights of the course in the final laps, Harris and Compton tangled, sending Compton into the mud. There was not enough time for Compton to catch back on to the trio, and with both the world champion and World Cup leader neutralized, the race was down to a sprint between the three. Cant and Harris duked it out, with Cant proving to have the best legs for the finish. The young Belgian threw up her hands in joy. Katerina Nash crossed in third, followed a few moments later by first a muddy Compton, and then a muddy Vos. Meredith Miller had a strong day, finishing eighth, Crystal Anthony finished in 13th, Nicole Duke in 16th, Andrea Smith in 23rd, Nicole Thiemann in 27th, and Christine Vardaros in 31st.

Unofficial Results

1. Sanne Cant, Enertherm-BKCP

2. Nikki Harris, Telenet-Fidea

3. Katerina Nash, Luna

4. Katherine Compton, Trek Cyclocross Collective

5. Marianne Vos, Rabobank Women Team

6. Helen Wyman, Kona Factory Racing

7. Ellen Van Loy, Melbotech

8. Meredith Miller, California Giant-Specialized

9. Gabriella Day

10. Lucie Chainel-Lefevre

11. Pavla Havlikova, Telenet-Fidea

12. Annie Last

13. Crystal Anthony

14. Reza Hormes-Ravenstijn, Orange Babies

15. Githa Michiels

16. Nicole Duke, Raleigh Clement

17. Louise Robinson

18. Joyce Vanderbeken, Vermeeren

19. Martina Mikulaskova

20. Margriet Helena Kloppenburg

21. Asa Maria Erlandsson

22. Nancy Bober, Style & Concept

23. Andrea Smith

24. Katrien Thijs, K. Edegem Bicycle Club-BMX

25. Stephanie De Croock, Wielerclub De Sprinters Malderen

26. Nicole De Bie-Leyten, Telenet-Fidea

27. Nicole Thiemann

28. Bianca Van Den Hoek

29. Kim Van De Steene, Afdeling Oost-Vlaanderen Wbv-Vzw

30. Lucinda Brand

31. Christine Vardaros, Baboco-Revor

32. Genevieve Whitson

33. Hilde Quintens, Melbotech

34. Lindy Van Anrooij

35. Kristien Nelen

36. Nathalie Nijns, Sengers Ladies

37. Masha Mulder

38. Audrey Menut

39. Shana Maes, Kriekel Tessenderlo

40. Marjolein Wijkel

41. Caren Commissaris, W.a.c. Team Hoboken (kon.) V.z.w.

42. Jelena Eric

43. Valerie Boonen, De Kastelse Durvers V.z.w.

44. Tine Verdeyen

45. Keshia Verbeeck, 99 Vzw Schriek

46. Meggie Van Beeumen, Vzw Ijsklokje-Cycling

47. Ilse Vandekinderen

48. Maaike Lanssens, Wc De Molenspurters Meulebeke

49. Ayako Toyooka