Earlier today we took a look at the new 2017 GT Bicycles Grade gravel bike line-up. GT Bicycles is a pretty storied cycling brand, especially off road. Of course, the company has its roots in BMX, including on dirt tracks, in pools and on vert ramps, with riders like Eric Rupe, Greg Hill and Eddie Fiola. And GT saw success in mountain biking in its earliest days with Hans Rey, who has ridden for GT since 1987, Juli Furtado and Rishi Grewal. And the GT brand has even seen its bikes under top-level road ridders having sponsored both Lotto and Jelly Belly, which Jeremy Powers rode for on the road.

For GT, cyclocross too has provided a platform for success, the company having sponsored some of the sport’s biggest names in the US, including Allison Dunlap who, flying the GT flag, won the 1999 Cyclocross National Championships (which we featured in a previous Throwback Thursday piece) and Todd Wells.

In 2008 Wells was riding for GT and was taking part in the USGP of Cyclocross. In the series’ fourth race in Trenton, New Jersey, Wells overcame a late-race tumble to recapture the race lead and then went clear with one lap to go to take the victory. While he didn’t win the overall 2008 series, his ride and win in Mercer County Park was great.

Take a look at this highlight video of the race posted to YouTube by GT Bicycles in November of 2008.