Dirty Kanza race directors Jim Cummins and Lelan Dains have always aimed to keep the Dirty Kanza fresh as it has grown. This year, we saw a new course and the addition of WorldTour riders to the field.

Introduced last year, part of the evolution of the Dirty Kanza has been the ultra-endurance 350-mile DKXL that started at 3 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Perhaps in a sign ultra-gravel events are a logical evolution of the 200-mile race, past DK200 winners Corey Godfrey and Dan Hughes were among those who took on the DKXL this year.

The race started Friday afternoon to the cheers of folks attending the All Things Gravel Expo. A total of 15 women and 64 men made the start, and by the time the finish line closed on Sunday morning at 3 a.m., 45 riders had finished the 350-mile ride.

The Women’s winner was Lael Wilcox, who also finished sixth overall. Jamie Van Beek took second and Kristen Legan third.

Jay Petervary took the Men’s win. Last year’s winner Matt Acker finished second and Ben Doom third.

Finishers and results for the 2019 DKXL are below.

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Women's Results: 2019 DKXL

1Lael Wilcox14.223:51:37
2Jamie Van Beek13.026:07:31
3Kristen Legan12.926:22:38
4Katie Strempke12.726:43:59
5Alexandra Houchin10.233:18:21
6Karen Dee Williams9.934:16:34

Men's Results: 2019 DKXL

1Jay Petervary15.122:31:41
2Matt Acker14.822:53:32
3Ben Doom14.423:34:50
4Andrew Strempke14.423:35:27
5Jeff Kerkove14.323:42:56
6Dylan Morton13.425:16:33
7Mike Neal13.325:34:10
8Morgan Murri13.026:07:31
9Mike Ivancic13.026:07:31
10Matthew Kutilek12.427:16:38
11Bob Billings12.327:36:59
12Jason Shearer11.928:36:13
13Jake Wells11.928:36:20
14Nick Legan11.928:36:20
15Nico Deportago-Cabrera11.729:04:32
16Gerald Hart11.729:05:56
17Enrico Comunello11.629:10:39
18James Nixon11.529:34:04
19Bergur Benediktsson11.230:17:02
20Ryan Balkenhol10.931:01:52
21Nickel Potter18.831:16:18
22John Mathias10.831:20:29
23Collin Little10.831:28:10
24Jamie Wynne10.831:28:10
25Daniel Hughes10.731:39:42
26Steven Donchey10.731:47:38
27James Williams10.631:52:19
28Jim Phillips10.532:11:56
29Joseph Lawhorn10.332:50:05
30Lee Neal10.332:50:07
31Adam Kazilsky10.233:10:52
32Timothy Place10.133:36:49
33Scott Bigelow9.834:39:48
34Corey Godfrey9.834:39:48
35Skip Cronin9.834:39:49
36Ben Swenka9.834:39:49
37James Morrison9.635:26:43
38Matthew Murphy9.635:26:43
39Scott Omara9.435:53:51